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I’m sure you’ve seen the popular reality TV show Fast N’ Loud on the Discovery Channel. I mean, who hasn’t if they are car lovers? Aaron Kaufman is the star of the show recognized as a well-known car enthusiast. Well, there’s something about his looks that people can’t seem to forget, of course, his long-heavy beard. In this article, we’ll see if this man has a unique story, just like his beard. Let’s not forget to check out his net worth, salary in 2018, and all the spice about his love-life with his girlfriend, Lauren Moore Knob.

It was heartbreaking news to Aaron’s die-hard fans when he told his friend Richard Rawlings in 2007 that he would have to leave the show. And although he didn’t explain the reasons very well, all we know is that he needed to focus on other issues; probably, he just found a new passion, or maybe it was his time to move forward in his life. Leaving the show also meant that he wasn’t going to work with Gas Monkey Garage, where he and his buddy Rawlings worked for 14 long years, taking care of automobiles.

Aaron Kaufman Net Worth And Salary Details

Although we cannot find out Kaufman’s exact earnings per episode on the show Fast N’ Loud, it is pretty much estimated that he would make about $50k for each episode. It translates to between $10k to $40k for his work.

Concerning Aaron’s net worth, it is estimated to be about $7 million. He is recently into a new venture that shows a great opportunity for his net worth figure to get a promotion. Besides, Kaufman also operates a site that sells merchandise such as stickers, hats, T-shirts, and F-100 parts. Now, that’s a nice side-business he’s got there.

Talking about Kaufman’s new venture, it is indeed a new TV show, namely “Shifting Gears,” that’s about to air on Discovery Channel as well. So, what idea do you get from that? No doubt, Aaron Kaufman’s net worth will take a hike in 2018 and the upcoming years. And why is that? From his former TV shows like Fast N’ Loud, Aaron has already piled up a lot of wealth. So, when the new show is on air, with Aaron’s increasing demand, it is evident that he’ll stock up a lot more bucks than before. Let’s keep the money aside and talk about his achievements. Till now, Aaron Kaufman has received several honors for his work. In the Special Event Magazine, in 2015, Aaron Kaufman was top-listed, 25 young event professionals. Besides, he was also honored as the President of the Toronto chapter of the International Special Events Society.

With all the achievements, a successful, bright career, and years of effort, it shouldn’t be hard to believe that Aaron Kaufman’s net worth is about $7 million.

Aaron Kaufman Dating History With Girlfriend Lauren Moore Knob

Kaufman hasn’t tied the knot with anyone yet. But he’s not single either. He has been dating Lauren Moore Knob for several years now. Although Kaufman isn’t the secretive kind about his personal life, he isn’t that open either.

Now, as much as the media knows, Aaron has had two relationships to date. Let’s focus on his present relationship with Lauren. The two started dating in early 2013, and after half-a-decade, they are living together. For the die-hard fans of Aaron and Fast N’ Loud, you’ve probably seen Lauren appearing on the show before Aaron decided to leave it in December 2016.

Eager to dive into their love life? Aaron and Lauren are no magical couples, and their love-life isn’t a fairytale. Like any other couple, they have had several ups and downs, which isn’t hidden from the world, thanks to their Instagram accounts. There’s a lot we came to know from their Instagram accounts. For instance, the lovebirds are super keen on traveling. They travel a lot! Although they haven’t taken their relationship one step forward with kids, they own two wonderful dogs, namely, Bastian and Lola.

Relationship troubles are common for any couple, but Lauren and Aaron seem to work it out great despite all of the struggle, ups, and downs. And the good news is, there are even speculations that they might get married soon. Fans can’t wait for the glorious wedding.

Aaron Kaufman Career Details

As I already said, Kaufman has left the show Fast N’ Loud. But there’s no need to be disappointed because he is back in business with his new show, Shifting Gears. At the moment, Kaufman is in talks with the TV channel about his show.

No wonder all Aaron wants is a hit show, and hence he is currently working on it to make it one heck of a great show. And to do so, Aaron is looking for a new approach to revolutionize car television.

When he gets back to making cars on television, it is highly assumed that it’ll be all about having a car-promo. He aims to create vehicles for excitement, move the body and soul, not merely vehicles that are to be sold at auctions or cars only to make money. Although many people do this as a business for a living, Kaufman says he’s going to do it all for television and entertainment, so that all the car lovers and even non-lovers can enjoy a good time.

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