Alex Guarnaschelli Bio, Age, Career, restaurants, Net Worth, Birthday

Net Worth of 2018 – Her Age, Birthday and RestaurantThere is no denying that Alex Guarnaschelli is the American celebrity chef of all time. You have seen her name undoubtedly all over the tv. This Italian-American chef learned from her mother Maria, who is an editor of the cookbook. She was once featured on a cooking competition show as a judge. The 46-year-old cook has also starred on different television series. The special style makes it an outstanding addition to our survey of America’s most popular chefs.
Scroll down below without further ado to see our most current estimated net worth of Alex Guarnaschelli.

Alex Guarnaschelli Net Worth

She already serves as executive chef at the Butter restaurant in New York City. She belongs to Italian ethnicity while she is of American nationality.

The renowned chef set off on her culinary journey at the three-star Michelin Guy Savoy restaurant in Paris. After spending four years at a Butte Chaillot she was promoted to Sub-Chef. She has returned to the United States after massive success in France. That American Chef became Butter’s executive chef in 2003.

After graduating from Horace Mann School in The Bronx, NY, Alex Guarnaschelli joined Barnard College where she graduated in 1991.

She began a television career in 2007 as a contestant at the Iron Chef America of the Food Network. Chef Alex Guarnaschelli has competed in the Next Iron Chef’s 4th season. Also, she took part in the Supreme Thanksgiving Feast season of the Food Network Challenge but missed the game. After that, she became an Iron Chef Geoffrey Zakarian.

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The net worth of Chef Alex Guarnaschelli as of 2018 is valued at least $ 3 million. Many outlets have accumulated the capital. Being a chef is one of the sources of this wealth. Also, she has served in several high-end restaurants as one of the most popular chefs in the world.

Guarnaschelli earned considerable money from her career. Not only did her job allow her to produce enormous money, but it also came with renown.

An American executive chef’s gross annual pay is about $73,000. However, Alex potentially allows much more due to her restaurant’s success and her celebrity status. Their status as a celebrity and television shows certainly help her increase her net worth. It also lets her live comfortably with her little daughter in NYC.

Alex Guarnaschelli Career Details

At a young age, this popular cook started cooking with her mother. Her mother is an author of cookbooks. She became the Executive Chef at Butter in NYC, after years of study in Los Angeles and Europe. The respected chef nevertheless had higher expectations. In the very first time in 2007, she featured on The Food Network-defeating Cat Cora on Iron Chef America.

Her impressive culinary talents have deeply influenced the Food Network. And she was granted a chance to host her series in 2008. Alex subsequently competed on The Next Iron Chef. She won and got the Iron Chef title. That played an enormous role in boosting her net worth. She has since published two cookbooks.

Alex Guarnaschelli Restaurants

Butter Restaurant is managed by a celebrity and owns a cook. It is located in the heart of the famed Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Alex usually makes use of green market offers to create a menu.

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Alex Guarnaschelli Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

Alex was born on June 20, 1972, in New York, USA. Her father is John Guarnaschelli, and her mother is Maria, the author of the cookbook. That means her age is 46. As of July 2018, this Italian-American chef has a net worth of at least $3 million. She ‘d married Brandon Clark in April 2007. Mr. Clark is a lawyer. Chef Alex Guarnanschelli & ex-husband Brandon Clark are blessed with a lovely daughter named Ava. In 2015, Brandon and Alex legally separated, for unknown causes. Alex’s got a straight sexual orientation.

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