Andy Casagrande Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary

If we talk about the best cinematographers in the whole world, Andy Casagrande is the one who should definitely be there. He has worked in film documentaries, which is showed in both, Discovery and the National Geographic channel.

His wife, his real-life partner, Emma, shares his passion and photography skills. Check out some information, personal and professional about them.

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Andy Casagrande Is Married To Wife Emma Walfridsson

The famous cinematographer is married to Emma Walfridsson, he met her while he was adventuring, a part of his work. Emma was in Tanzania, East Africa in the Serengeti, famous for the Wild Beast migration, she met her love of life in 2017.

The couple dated for three long years and then they tied the knot in 2010, as there is not much information, only the fact that they have two beautiful kids, Nova Fina and Ace.

Before Emma met her husband, she was not that enthusiastic about photography. She was born and brought up in Sweden and became an animal conservationist. Both of them traveled a lot together and exploring the world together.

Andy Casagrande Net worth And Salary

No information about her salary but a guess says that it would be in thousands of dollars per episode. He works for BBC and Animal Planet which air his documentaries, in the year 2015, the discovery channel made above $6 million of profit, Shark Week in this played a vital role.
His net worth in 2018 is estimated to $4million, and the success is from his work related to cinematography.

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Shark diver owns one of the leading production companies in the world, ABC4Films.

The production is famous for TV commercials, collaborations on films, and wildlife documentaries. He and his wife promoted Shark awareness through an organization called Shark Angels.

Andy Casagrande Bio: Age, Early Life

The renowned Cinematographer was born on October 21, 1977, in New York City. He has accomplished and his current age of 40. His Star sign is Libra.

His father has his roots in New York City, and Andy’s prior education is from here only. Sharks always used to puzzle him, when he was a toddler.

The TV star went on to pursue his degree in marine biology from the Florida Institute of Technology. Sooner he found out that this program would not take him any closer to his passion and he moved to Pittsburgh University. Over there, he studied biology, although this was not the end of his educational journey.

He supplemented his degree with two more in Psychology and biopsychology from the California State University. Although his first job had nothing to do with wildlife, it was a tech support engineer.

In 2003, he left the tech company, moved to Cape Town, South Africa, and worked as a camera operator for a research and conservation group. Over there he grew as a photographer and was g recognized from the National Geographic Channel, who later offered him a job. He got the opportunity to work in the home country with a higher pay grade.

While working as a producer, he travels the world and explores beautiful and exotic places with wildlife. He worked in shows like Untamed Americas, Africa’s Lost Eden, Great Migrations, Shark Week, and Serpent King, with a great pay grade.

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For his work, he won two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Cinematography, which brings pride to his young family.


He is doing a great job at this age too for his family; his net worth is his job.

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