Antonio Ballatore Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Antonio Ballatore’s goal in life was to work hard and become a Rock Star. He set the goal that he wanted to be famous by 40 years of age. But as life often turns out, Ballatore found other avenues for success besides Rock Bands. Antonio took another direction between Rock Band Gigs and started to design restaurants.

Antonio Ballatore Career Details

Not so easy when you are on tour in rock band world of flying high. But there was enough time, between gigs, to design restaurants in the highly competitive Manhattan New York areas.

Then his buddy, (unknown name), set him up to work with the famous photographer David LA Chapelle. This gig led Antonio to start working as a Set Designer.

The next milestone, and the real landing of something public, was with the help of his “other friend”, who helped him to do a presentation to Designer Star- a TV show with a good following. Success came for Antonio because he Won The Show. This then led Ballatore to host his own TV show called “The Antonio Treatment

Antonio Ballatore Dating History And Marriage Details

Gossip started with his date with Jennie Garth around May of 2012. Jennie Garth had separated, two months prior, from Peter Facinelli. Lots of gossips developed but the truth was that the couple was in what was known by friends as just “Casual Dating”. It lasted only a short time but reports were that he loved it.

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On 14th February 2019, Antonio posted a photo declaring his love for a mystery woman on Instagram. The relationship seemed quite serious as his ladylove was seen along with his “first love”, his dog. Before the declaration, the pretty woman was featured in the TV host’s social media handle in November 2018.

The gossip flourished as there were many “lovey-dovey” family kinds of photos with Antonio’s dog and soon began circulating. Fans looked for them to “Tie the Knot”

Antonio Ballatore Net Worth

The American TV host, Antonio Ballatore, was born on 21st January 1969. Antonio got his creative talents from his father, who was a known artist. The start of Antonio’s artist expansion was actually started in his father’s studio as a child.

Antonio Ballatore has managed to achieve great heights in the TV industry. His shows; “The Antonio Treatment” and Animal Planet series titled “Animal Cribs” was a hit among the audience. He also worked with magazines including Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair.

As a creative artist, Antonio launched his apparel line called Born with A Tail. It is a big hit among pet owners.

There is no Net Worth known but his “Born With A Tail” brand sales, along with his TV gigs, he earns an average salary of $50,529 a year

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