Antonio Brown Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Pittsburgh Steelers while reaching upto 6th round pick up likely because of Antonio Brown, an American Football receiver, who was being Traded/contracted with them at the 2010 Natrional Football league (NFL) and succeeded by more receptions than any other player, even than the Miami Florida – Native. Later, he contracted/traded with Oakland Raiders for higher return but with the permission of Steelers.

Antonio Brown Career Details

Since 2010 from Rookie session with steelers, he prepared his players and took his team to Super Bowl XLV but, unfortunately lost to Green Bay Packers. However with great efforts in the very next season he made a record in NFL when he registered more than 1.000 yards receiving and returning within a single season.
Through the continued efforts and practice, during NFL 2014 season , Brown have recorded 1000 yards receiving and returning both in every game of that season like the records made by Antonio Shatter.

During his further four years till 2018, he continued his career with success and achievements being associated with steelers, until some disputes aroused with Mr. Ben Roethlisberger, the teams quarterback in 2019. So, Antinio requested steelers for a trade with other s which was acceded and he traded/associated with the NFL Franchise Oakland Raiders.

Antonio Brown Net Worth, Contract And Salary

Regarding Net worth, Antonio Brown has earned around 4 times more than the normal range of First-time all pro-players as he earned $30 Million from his contract with Steelers.

Soon after signing his contract with Raiders, Antonio earned as much as he was tiltled as NFL highest paid wide receiver because with span of three years contract with Raiders, worth $ 50 Million in addition to bonuses valuing $ 1 Million. As such he earned an average salary of $16 per year till his contract expired.

Before Joining NFL as remarkable Football wide receiver, Antonio was a controversial college athlete, when he was doing his graduation from Miami Northland high School. After Graduation he applied to Florida State University but the University denied admission on the ground of law GPA.

Then he decided to enter at North Carolina Tech Prep. Playing at quarterback, When he completed the year, , he succeeded to win scholarship to play in Florida International University, but he could not avail this opportunity due to some security issues which was meant that he must have a house in western Virginia.

Thereafter when he learnt that his Coach who recruited him left West Virginia for Central michiagan, brown also left West Virginia and entered in Central Michigan wherein being a senior player over there he was enlisted in the NFT Draft.

Antonio Brown Bio: Age, Family, Early Life

Antonio was born in 1988. During mid nineties, unfortunately, his biological parents were separated with each other. Her mother Adrienne brown when remarried, Antonio became homeless due to a some dispute with his step dad.

Besides his brother Desmond Brown, the 31-year-old NFL star. An other family member with the similar footballing aspiration is his cousin Marquise Brown.

Antonio Brown Body Measurements

Antonio when grown up , having a height of 5 feet – 10 Inches with ideal weight of 82 kgs, he apparently looked like continuing his father’s legacy, considered most exceptional like Eddie Brown –his dad who was the former Area Football league player.

Antonio Brown Dating History And Marriage Details With Kids

Though Antinio is still a non-married man, no body can say there was and there are less prospect for him to become a married man. He first married with a lady Shmeika bralisford who became a biological mother of his eldest son Antonio brown Jr. and spent several years as Antonia’s wife till their separation some time in 2011. Since by that time Antonio became the Oakland Raiders player, began to dating with Chelsie kyriss and She birthed to Antonio’s three kids i.e. two sons namely Automony and and Ali and also one daughter. It is also pertinent to mention that in 2017, before Chelsie gave birth to his daughter, he also involved in dating with an Instagram Model Jena Frumes. But within few months , with the blessing of God, this scene was dropped and Antonio again went back to Chelsie – and they both, the biological parents of their three kids, have again become once.

So, if Antonio and his long time long time life partner Chelsie ever get married, it will be a a breaking news but not with surprise for the his attached, well wishers and General Public.

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