Atz Kilcher Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

The Emmy award-winning show called Alaska; the last frontier’s star Atz Kilcher is the father of a famous singer Jewel and he has a net worth of $7 million and we all know that this is a heavy net worth. He was a normal farmer in Alaska but the show made him a star. Here, you will find out more about Atz.

Atz Kilcher Net Worth

Other than being a star of a reality show, Atz has inherited a lot of property and that is of 613 acres which are valued at more than $800,000 which makes Atz the main provider of the whole Kilcher clan, and he now 70 years old.

The Kilcher family has another land which is 207 acres and its value is $3.6 million and we believe that if it wasn’t for the show even if they have so much land, Atz net worth wouldn’t have been what it is today.

This means that the show is a huge reason for his net worth to be this much and he is the highest paying star in the show because he is paid $350,000 annually.

The reality show also shows that some of his family members are a machinist as well and how much that adds to their net worth, we don’t know yet but we surely know that it is increasing from $7 million.

Atz Kilcher Age

He was born on 2nd September 1947 and he is now 70.

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Atz Kilcher Marriage Details

Atz is divorced from his first wife named as Lenedra Carroll. Leandra Carroll was an author, manager, and singer and she had three kids with Atz: Jewel, Atz Lee, and Shane Kilcher. Both the couple were Mormons.

Atz had an affair with Linda and even had a child out of wedlock and that was the reason that Lenedra and Atz got divorced in 1982 and he started having an affair with a co-star named Bonnie Dupree and married her.

And Bonnie is also a cast star in the show as well. Atz has no kids with Bonnie as of now.

Atz Kilcher Kids

He has three kids as mentioned above and a son from his affair, his name is Nikos Kilcher who is now 33 and he was born in March 1984.

Atz Kilcher Career Details

He has many talents and one of many talents is that he is a musician and that is how Jewel got the traits from. Atz’s mother was a pro singer and she taught all about singing and music to her kids as well. He made two albums: Voices of the Valley in 2007 and Spirits Filled Air in 2008.

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