Aubrey St. Angelo Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Aubrey St. Angelo is an American filmmaker, real-time detective, and former Law Enforcement officer. He was born on July 8th, 1978 in Plaquemine, Louisiana.

He first worked with the Narcotics department before transferring to Iberville to work with the Criminal Investigation Division on multiple cases including burglary and homicides.

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Aubrey St. Angelo Marriage Details

Aubrey is married to Rachelle Dupont. But they keep a low profile. There is no information from a reliable resource about their children.

Aubry St. Angelo Net Worth

Aubrey is a detective and an actor at the same time. He started working as a cop at the age of 18 and showed reputable success in the field. He was paid a fortune from his role on the crime TV drama Killing Fields. His estimated Net Worth is 200,000 USD.

Aubry St. Angelo Career Details

Aubrey climbed the ladder from a police officer to a detective specializing in burglary and homicide cases. He is known for his aggressive interrogation methods, never shying away from asking head-cracking questions to suspects and criminals.

He is known for being tolerant, tough, and perceptive. He seldom makes a joke. These abilities gained him tremendous respect among his colleagues.

Aubrey starred in fourteen episodes of the investigative crime drama Killing Fields. The show was produced by Barry Levinson and received a positive critical response.

Aubrey is a proficient hunter, a great arrow man, and can shoot with proficiency owing to his origins as he grew up in a forested area where hunting was a daily habit.

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