August Kilcher Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings

August Kilcher is the youngest son of Otto and Charlotte Kilcher. The members of the Kilcher family- including August Kilcher, have been stars in the reality TV show, “The Last Frontier” for a while now.

The reality TV show “The Last Frontier” is filmed at the Kilcher’s homestead in Homer, Alaska. The show features a family living in the Alaskan wilderness as they struggle for survival without modern-day resources.

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August Kilcher Net Worth

August Kilcher is the grandson to Yule and Ruth Kilcher. He is mainly a student now and has a net worth of an estimated 15,000 dollars of which most of it is a fair share of the homestead’s earnings. His net worth is much lower than that of the other members of the Kilcher family.

August Kilcher Family Details

August Kilcher is one of four siblings. Otto and Charlotte both came from previous marriages where they had sons before they came across each other. Together, they have raised four sons namely, Levi, Eivin, Torrey and August. Torrey is August’s half-brother who Charlotte got from a previous marriage while Eivin and Levi are Charlotte’s step-sons. In spite of this past, Otto, Charlotte and their kids are not only family, but also great friends.

Otto and Charlotte Kilcher have regularly appeared on “The Last Frontier” along with their son Eivin Kilcher, and his wife, Eve Kilcher. Unlike the rest of his family, August has only appeared in just a few episodes and is currently living in Oregon, Portland.

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August moved out of Homer with the aim of studying Electrical Engineering. He got admitted into Oregon State University and has been living in Oregon ever since. Despite his busy school life, he still visits the homestead on a regular basis and helps out his old man back in Homer when needed.

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