Brett Raymer Is Married To Wife Trisha Chamberlain After Divorce With Melissa Bradford

While many celebrities fall in love with a stranger who is rarely noticed by the media, some turn to A-Listers. Sometimes, it is a strategy to increase their proportions. Sometimes, it’s just plain old love. We look at Brett Raymer, a TV actor and businessman famous for his role in the game, Tanked on Animal Planet. Find out more about his marriage and divorce from his ex-wife. And he knows about his new girlfriend, age and the right amount here.

Brett Raymer Marriage To Ex-Wife Melissa Bradford And Divorce

There is a saying that if you like something we release it, if we come back it will be real. The real TV star had it all. A beautiful wife (Melissa Bradford) and two beautiful children, a son and a daughter. Along the way, something went wrong in the marriage, and she decided to leave.

Instead of returning, he found love again. Let’s not go it alone and pass it on to Raymer’s love journey. On an undisclosed date and time, Brett Raymer and Melissa Bradford decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Melissa also grew up in Las Vegas, attended Galena High School before finally enrolling in South Nevada College.

Brett Raymer and Trisha Marie, a former hardworking couple working together in a family business, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM). While in charge of the office, the real TV star owns the property. The two adopted their eldest son, a daughter Kayla and a son named Bryce Raymer who was born on December 20, 2006.

For unknown reasons, Brett Raymer and his ex-wife Melissa have relinquished custody of their children to their father. It is not clear whether they are divorced or not. Melissa’s status on Facebook has changed since the couple became in a relationship.

Brett Raymer Engaged To Girlfriend Trisha Marie Chamberlain After Divorce With Wife Melissa Bradford

It was in June 2011 that Brett Raymer began dating his girlfriend, Trisha Marie Chamberlain. Although he may have been an American lover by spending time with Raymer’s children, he is knowledgeable and has supporting papers. He has worked as a realtor, salesman and is now a tourism director at an ATM. Brett Raymer’s love affair with girlfriend Trisha Chamberlain flourished, and he flirted with her in October 2017 as evidenced by one of Frisha Marie’s posts on Facebook where she shared a photo of her engagement ring. Her boyfriend Trisha has two children in her previous relationship named Chandler and Dylan Chamberlain. They all live happily in Vegas. We can’t wait to get details about their wedding. When Brett Raymer married his then-girlfriend Trisha Marie, we will let you know.


It is unclear whether Brett Raymer and his wife Melissa Bradford are finalizing their divorce or not. One thing is clear though; she intends to go a long way with her new girlfriend and her boyfriend, Trisha Chamberlain. The 48-year-old not only lived with him but also involved him in the family business. It looks like the ATM guy represents his money and its value.

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