Brian Kilmeade Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Marriage, Wife, Kids

Brian Kilmeade is a controversial Fox News personality, popular for hosting the weekday show ‘Fox and Friends’. He has famously made some very controversial remarks regarding race and ethnicity. Let’s first see his marriage and also know more about his wife.

Brian Kilmeade Marriage Details

Kilmeade is Married to Dawn DeGaetano Kilmeade. They tied the knot on December 3rd 1993 and they are still happily married to this day. At their wedding, their song was Power of Love’by Huey Lewis and The News. The two have a very strong relationship and there have been no rumors of affairs or divorce for the pair. The pair has a strong bond that has made their home life very happy, as Brian has been reported to be an excellent husband and father on many different occasions. Brian has stated himself that he owes a lot of his success to his wife, who has supported him in light of his controversies.

Brian Kilmeade Controversies

This fox news reporter has made some unfortunate remarks during his time as a television and radio personality. He has said things like ‘We keep marrying other species and ethnics’ in reference to a study on Alzheimer’s disease and ‘All terrorists are Muslims’. He has also said things to his colleagues, such as ‘You grew up on tacos’ to a Nicaraguan colleague and asking a black co-host ‘Do you make Kool-Aid?’. As such, Brian Kilmeade has become famous for his racial insensitivity and inappropriate comments towards others. These remarks have been heavily criticized by the public and also by his colleagues. He has apologized for any offense the remarks have caused and stated that he did not intend the things he has said to be offensive.

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Brian Kilmeade Family And Children

Brian Kilmeade and his wife have three children; one son, Bryan, and two daughters, Kirstyn and Kaitlyn. Applauded as an excellent father, Kilmeade has been praised for his ability to make a lot of time for his family despite his busy work schedule. He has strives to keep his work life and home life separate so that he can truly enjoy time with his family and not bring his work controversies home with him. His son Bryan is currently attending Syracuse University and is expected to graduate soon.

Brian Kilmeade Net Worth

Brian Kilmeade net worth is $ 8 million. He is on a salary of $ 4 million per year. He earned his money as an American television host. Upon graduating in the 80s, Brian Kilmeade worked for Channel One which was a high school news program. He afterwards moved to California where he hosted a television station and served as an anchor.

In the 90s, Brian Kilmeade co-hosted The Jim Brown Show which was a radio sports program afterwards moved to conduct interviews for UFC. Brian Kilmeade then focused on sports; he reported sports events before ultimately being an anchor for a local station in Connecticut called the MSG Network and a feature anchor and reporter for Newsport TV. He worked with NBC as a sport anchor. Five years later, he moved Fox Network where he serves on Fox Radio.

Brian Kilmeade Bio: Age, Early Life, Education Details

He is a New York native, born in New York City on May 7th 1964. He graduated from C.W Post Campus of Long Island University in 1986, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts. This guy entered the world of journalism as a correspondent for Channel One News, a daily national television high school program. He also worked as a UFC announcer and a sideline reporter for the MSG Network, enjoying him time involved in sports reporting. In 2006, Brian Kilmeade began working at Fox News and was eventually given his own radio show, ‘Kilmeade and Friends’. Currently, he hosts the weekday radio show ‘Fox and Friends’.

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Brian Kilmeade Books

He has written several fiction and non-fiction books, including George Washington’s Secret Six and Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates.

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