Chandler Belfort Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

The name Belfort was a famous name that was associated the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”. It’s a movie which a group of swindlers conned a certain group of investors using their own hard earned money through a stock brokerage firm. Many at times the topic of discussion focuses on the convicts or even the people whom they ruined. The story about their kids and what they went through was kept a secret. The story below contains the little history of Chandler Belfort that will obviously amuse you.

Chandler Belfort Father Jordan Belfort And Mother Nadine Caridi

Before we get to know and talk about Chandler lets first begin from her roots. The Belfort family is not regarded to be one of the most biggest family but because of the impact they have made to the stock market world and entertainment this gives them a position to be known and this is also accompanied by the fact that Chandler is the only daughter to the stock broker kingpin Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi. She is the sister to her younger brother Charter. Chandler is also the granddaughter to Max and Leah from her father’s side of the family. Nadine’s parents are still in the wind and not much is known about them.

Chandler Belfort Parents Divorce

Jordan Belfort and Nadine Caridi happened to have divorced when Chandler was still a child and all the woes and disagreements always happened in front of her. He was so abusive that it got to the point Nadine Caridi filed for a divorce, separated from him and she took her kids and started a new life.

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Chandler discovered the truth when she was grown up and she had to choose her career path. Was Chandler going to follow her fathers’ steps and emerge into the competitive world of business? Before we answer that, here’s what her brother Carter chose.

Chandler Belfort Career Details

Recently in 2015, the young wolf decided on venturing into stock brokering as his dad, the reason beyond this choice is only known to him but we hope that he doesn’t end up like his father in jail

Chandler Belfort broke away from the nest while living with her mother in Los Angeles and got his place at Gold Coast lair, which apparently his father helped him to move in. I think the phrase like father like son is quite applicable here.

Compared to her mother who was a famous model and her father- he doesn’t really need an introduction at this point. Chandler decided to pick a unique career which was never seen before in her family. What resulted to this choice is hers alone to bear. She went for medicine. She specifically majored in Psychology, mental health, and counseling.

Chandler Belfort Education Details

Chandler made use of most of her father’s money to further her education

Chandler was later enrolled at Muhlenberg College located in Allentown, Pennsylvania Area in 2012. Four years of hard struggle finally paid off when she graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Moreover, that wasn’t the end for her. The love of books made her to continue her study at the University of New York where she is currently studying for her Masters in Mental Health and Counseling.

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Her brother is also undertaking a Bachelor’s degree at Bond University though under a different field

Chandler proved to be a hard working, intelligent and independent girl when she successfully passed in her Spanish class which she took in Muhlenberg College, she later got a part-time job as she worked as a research Assistant.

This was at The Social Cognition and Imagination Lab at Pace University where she served her time in 2015 for three months before switched up to Greater New York City Area.

Currently she also works as a research assistant at New York State Psychiatric institute where she has whole- heartedly helped the mentally ill related patients. The love towards her job has made heart to keep her position for over a year since 2017.


Chandler Belfort has proven to very many people and the world entirely that she can still be as successful as her father without having to use dubious means. We certainly hope more facts about her will be revealed as she grows up to become a renowned psychologist.

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