Counting Cars Roli Szabo Net Worth, Bio, Marriage, Wife

Roli Szabo is one of the cast members of the movie, ‘Counting Cars’. In the particular series, he acts as the Shop’s resident detailer that cleans and polishes the vehicles left at the Count’s Kustom shop. Through the income from the show, he sustains his family’s needs. Let’s lookout at his current net worth and married life.

Roli Szabo Net Worth

Roli worked as a resident detailer at a shop, and there he uses his Hungarian accent to charm his clients. He generates all the income from his show and the shop and is the owner of an estimated net worth of $200,000.

At the beginning of his career, he started as an ambulance driver in the army, then he moved to PVC Pipe Company, and the last job before counting cars was being a bodyguard, personal assistant, and driver to the world’s smallest man. He says that his previous job helped him in learning many skills that paved in his current job.

On 26th January 2017, an unfortunate event happened in his life, his shop was raided and his trailer got stolen. This was sad for him, as he had stored some of his work detailed equipment in the trailer.

He expresses his pain by saying that the theft completely messed up his career and business. He must have definitely invested a lot in his equipment, which lost in a single drive.

Roli Szabo Marriage Details

Despite being involved in a career that is related to the public domain, but his personal life is still concealed.

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There is no revelation of whether he is married or single.
It is an assumption that a mystery girlfriend is there in his life, but we’ll update you as we gather any other information.

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