Darrell Sheets Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Wife, Weight Loss, Height

Darrell Sheets is an American Television personality, his first television shoe is the reality show “Storage Wars”. He is recognized as the Gambler of the show, because of his killer strangling attitude and Personality during the auction. Before he enters into Storage Wars, he has an experience of three decades in the storage locker business.

He was born on 13th May 1958 in Covina, California. He has made his money in auction for almost three decades. Darrell is very active and through his collections in the storage auctions, he has racked up a huge fortune in addition to his salary in Storage Wars. He is one of the main three casts in the show, as so he is in every season of the show

Darrell Sheet Salary And Net Worth

Darrell has appeared in more than 100 episodes since the show aired on television in 2010. The objective of the show is that the auctioneers bid the item which is being auctioned, they intend to buy the storage unit at a profitable price. Darrell has stated in an interview that how he collected a letter by Abraham Lincoln, four paintings of Pablo Picasso, and a rare collection of comic books.

His tactical storage collection skills and his collections have seen him earn valuable collection during the auctions. In one episode, he collected a particular locker worth $3,600. He won the auction and later found that the locker contained an artwork collection of Franks Gutierrez which would worth around $300,000. This was his largest collection in reality show history.

Apart from his earning from his finding, he is also receiving a salary of $300,000, which is also an addition to his net worth.

Is Darrell Sheet Married To Wife?

Darrell’s married life history is unknown as he didn’t make it public. Some sources mention that Darrell is in a relationship with Kimber Wuerful.

Darrell’s son Brandon is also into his father’s business, he is also in the show helping his father In auctions. He is actively helping his father in the auction and storage hunting business.

His relationship started with Kimberly when they coincidentally met in California. Darrell and Kimberly are currently living together in San Diego with their four children, 2 from the first marriage, and another 2 from the second marriage.

Darrell Sheets Body Measurements, Weight Loss

Later in 2016, Darrell Decided to lose his 300-pound weight. As per reports, he tried different methods to lose some weight. But, his hard work and exercise, went in vain as there wasn’t any good result.

Later, he took the help of Nutrisystem to lose weight.

My body hurt. My joints hurt. I was tired of no results. Plus, I had to get away from eating cheeseburgers.

Says Darrell Sheets.

With the help of Nutrisystem, he lost about 103 pounds from 300 pounds to 197 pounds. At last, his dream came true. He shared his joyful moment on twitter.

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