Dave Canterbury Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married, Wife

Dave is known for Discovery Channel’s very own survival guru as well as reality TV star celebrated on shows like Dual Survival and Dirty Rotten Survival. The TV star is able to find the wilderness and easily find his way through the terrain and this we can see in some tutorials on his YouTube channel. He is also a scholar with three books to explain it.

Everything is not very perfect as he presents it. Here are some interesting facts mentioned about the survivalist that he would have wished to stay buried. Here we will discuss Dave Canterbury’s net worth, age, and married life to his wife wouldn’t hurt to know.

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Dave Canterbury Career Details

The starting of Dave Canterbury was on Discovery Channel’s reality television, whose name is Dual Survival. The show served as a how-to guide on getting out of a steamy situation with the help of specialists like yours truly. Before disappearing inexplicably he appeared for two seasons. Joe Teti’s commencement came as his replacement on the series’ the third installment.

Dave Canterbury had falsified a lot of information about his military background and presented it to his employers who were not pleased. Canterbury’s contract was ended forcing him to go underground. But that is just the middle of the story.

The survival man Dave Canterbury also known as a military sergeant for six years since 1981. The lie that is concocted with him claimed that he had been there for over two decades as well as had served as a scout and sniper; deployed to Honduras and Nicaragua. In 2014 he realized his wrongs and issued a formal confession. The jobs in which Dave Canterbury’s earliest work included working at a reptile farm, fishing, diving, and some odd factory jobs. In the year 2015, he starred Dirty Rotten Survival on the National Geographic Channel and built on his career.

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Dave Canterbury Net Worth

To make a living off instructional videos on survival tactics is quite tough, but somehow, Dave manages to do. If you want to see then you can see some of his exciting survival skits on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel boasts of over 500K subscribers.

Along with the television, the reality star also creates a fortune off his literary publications. He is the author of Bushcraft 101, which was listed as one of New York’s bestsellers, as well as Survivability for the Common Man published in 2011. His most recent books are Advanced Bushcraft released in 2015. The other sources include being the creator and owner of Pathfinder School which is located in Southeast Ohio. Summing up all these things reveal Dave Canterbury’s net worth figure at approximately $300,000 with a yearly salary of sixty grand.

Dave Canterbury Marriage Details

Dave Canterbury married to Iris Canterbury and has Two Children. As we all know how much the reality star regards his fans as his family, there are people he loves more. These are his loving wife, whose name is Iris Canterbury, and their two kids; Omere and Skylar.

There is not much to tell about his family of four since he is got it all under tight wraps.
We believe that he has educated his kids one or two things about his line of work. His wife is also supportive of her husband’s work as seen through some of his Intro YouTube videos. She also helped him a lot in his editing job at Self-Reliance Illustrated Magazine which goes to show that their connection is strong.

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Dave Canterbury Bio: Age, Early Life

As his date of birth is September 19th, 1963 which makes him 55 years of age. The exact details on the place of birth and his parents are still gaps in his bio that require to be filled. On the other hand, he has exposed on multiple occasions that as a child, fear was never an issue for him. Instead, it strikes his mother who had nothing but love and distress for the safety of her boy.

The young boy grew up, become a soldier for his country, and is currently teaching on the ‘5 Cs of Survivability.’ We are no Dave Canterbury, but as he loves to put it, they include a cutting tool, an ignition device, cover, container, and cordage.

While we are on the topic of cutting tools, the endurance expert recommends having an excellent durable knife of about 5 to 6 inches long. He believes that a knife could be the disparity between life and death; whether it’s battling predators or cutting down grove to make a shelter.

The TV star Dave Canterbury never walks without his PLSK-1 Pathfinder knife. It is a 5.25-inch blade also capable of starting fires, should the need arise. The best division about it is its full-tang design on the back and its overall durability.


Dave Canterbury makes survival to look like a child’s play. His net worth and income are all tied down to his knowledge which you can rapidly catch up with on television.

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