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More of current media talks and public opinions largely revolve around celebs staying in their marriages. The topic of celebrities sticking in marriage has reigned over conversations about their engagements and getting married.

David Alexis Marriage Details With Madchen Amick 

For couples with a non-famous partner, it is in certain ways tougher considering the reasons especially work-related that may separate them. Consequently, it is important that couples devise ways to check on the distance challenge by harmonizing their schedules in a certain manner that can allow them to meet more often. David Alexis and Madchen Amick who have been married since 1992 seem to have mastered this art to sustain their marriage.

Hollywood celebs’ lives are constantly in the limelight with most of their personal information under public scrutiny; David Alexis and Madchen Amick aren’t an exception to this. The two had dated for about half a year before they concluded it into marriage. The couple tied the knot on December 16th, 1992 and the relationship is glorious and thriving! Madchen’s affectionate posts about her husband on social media platforms such as Instagram indeed is demonstrative of the two decade of blossoming family.

David Alexis and Madchen Amick have two loving and talent-endowed son and daughter. Their son Sylvester Time born on July 5th 1992, the same year they got married, is a talented singer and is in the entertainment business. Similarly, their daughter Mina Tobias born on September 2nd, 1993 in Los Angeles County, United States is a talented artist. Mina is celebrated for her pop songs like Kings and Queens and The Sound both released in 2016 and another titled Like You in 2015. No tiff nor divorce or separation news, or wobbly situations about David and Madchen has ever sneaked to the public domain. This indicates they are gurus in handling themselves.

David Alexis Career Details

As it is popularly whispered, behind every successful man is a woman. This is a complete contrast in David and Madchen’s case! It can be denoted that behind every successful man, there is a super-effective woman! In the corporate world, David is very talented and successful, but his wife Madchen accomplishments seems to exceed David’s by a bigger brim.

David Alexis’ is a singer, musician, producer, and songwriter. The Madchen Amick’s husband is also a personal trainer and every so often helps Madchen, a talented actress keep in physical shape. A professional model, Madchen has appeared in the show Twin Peaks as Shelly and starred in shows like Sleep walkers and Love, Cheat & Steal.

Madchen Amick Net Worth

It’s worth mentioning that Madchen earns an annual salary of $352,941. Madchen Amick net worth is currently at $3 million. David’s life is not so much documented in the public domain despite him being espoused to someone as successful as Madchen. David has been working for more than 2 decades. His career as a songwriter and the pay it creates is still under review as of 2018. He is a loving family man and even had to switch careers when the children became interested in football and track. He is committed towards nurturing and supporting them on their journey to successful artists.

David Alexis Bio: Age, Early Life

Madchen Husband David’s family is off the radar. Currently, the only identifiable kin are his father and mother in law Bill and Judy Amick who are Madchen’s parents. The actress, born on December 12th, 1970 is currently 48 years old.

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