David Freiburger Bio, Age, Marriage Life, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

David Freiburger is famously known for hosting the web series, “Roadkill” which got adopted on the Motor Trend Streaming Service. Records say that both Hot Rod and Hot Rod Deluxe Magazines were edited by David Freiburger.

The entire success of these two pieces can be reflected from his dozens of publications. This article will focus on David Freiburger entirely and it will touch on his Marriage Life, Net Worth, salary and Wiki- Bio.

Much about him is unknown because his details haven’t yet been posted at the Wikipedia and that makes this article the best place for you to know him more.

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Is David Freiburger Married To Wife With Kids?

David Freiburger talks about his life mostly through his publications at Hot Rod and most of the times he will relate it with his life entirely growing up with his dad who was his mentor.

However, the TV star hardly talks about his wife and separates his personal life from his job. Once David posted an old stationed wagon off of Craigslist and he stated that his wife would have made him to live in it if he other than that, the rest about his dear wife remains a secret because he never talks about her this is the same to whether the couples have kids or not.

David Freiburger Net Worth And Salary Details

It seems that David has also kept his Net Worth, Salary and Career information a secret because even though analysts have tried to determine his financial bracket they have never succeeded.He has kept his salary info to be a secret just like his wife’s’ details. However, we did manage to get some information on the average salary of a staff editor at Hot Rod Magazine at $81,456,but because David holds the chiefs editor position it is assumed that he has a huge amount of money.

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On the other hand, David Freiburger’s net worth seems to be at least $1 million at most, this is because he is usually seen and is assumed to like best cars with nice engines and are four drive. David was quite lucky after school because he got a job working for a dodge dealership that specialized in parts.

After a while he got a gig at a machine shop and later at an aftermarket ignition company. He finally got a stable job in the year 1991 at Petersen publishing where he worked hard for 11 years. At that time David and his friend Mike started a YouTube channel which received a lot of positive reviews.

He later hosted shows like; Hot Rod Garage, Car Craft, Rod& Custom, 4 Wheel & Off-Road. He further receives his net worth from selling merchandise like clothes.

Profession Television Host, former chief-in-editor at Hot Rod magazines. David celebrates his birthday on August 21st for he was born on 21st August, 1946 in Ontario, Riverside.

David Freiburger Wikipedia, Bio, Family, Zodiac

Freiburger owes his career to his father, Jim Freiburger who introduced him to the show about business and cars, who initially worked at one of Hollywood’s Television production Company. One of the memories that he vividly remembers was the family vacation he took as a kid in his father’s old Jaguar.

He has many different cars at his disposal which is fitting considering his job. The rides include the F-Bomb 1973 Camaro, Rumble BEE 1970 Dodge Super Bee, and the crusher ’67 Camaro. Mostly he likes racing with his 1979 Z28, ’66 Buick Special Convertible, 1968 Dodge Charger and many more.

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