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If you want to know about his current marital status, he’s engaged. And the lucky new fiance is Amie Harwick.

If you make a list of the well-known actors in America, then Drew Allison Carey would top it. Apart from that, he is also a comedian, game show host, and sports executive. Being in the entertainment industry for long years has certainly brought some good to Drew. He has built a brand, and also, let’s not forget his strong and broad fan base. If we point out how he started his career in the industry, he made a debut as a stand-up comedian. Now, don’t be surprised when I say before all this, he served as a soldier with the marine corps. It was around 1980 and 1986. But before he rose to the sergeant’s rank, he quit! Surprising, huh? Why would someone do that? Simply because he wanted to get a secured career from his dream job in acting and comedy. Thank goodness that he has followed his dream; because it led to 30 long years of making people laugh their lungs out. This all-time comedian recently got engaged to Amie Harwick.

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Amie Harwick and Drew Carey Dating History And Marriage Details

Drew Carey is dating his girlfriend for a long time; guess who it is? Of course, Amie Harwick. It’s been a long since they started dating. And their current relationship status? Well, they are officially a couple! The 59-year old former soldier got engaged to his 36-year old girlfriend, Amie Harwick. Last July, Drew officially revealed the fantastic news to the whole world through his Instagram account.

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His loving fans widely received the news. However, it brought along a massive debate on social media. Of course, the fans were happy, no doubt, but the age difference seemed like a big issue to lots. But the duo kicked out all the doubts. They have been getting along together pretty well, which seems inseparable!

So, with the recent engagement of the couple earlier this year, they seem pretty happy together. Well, that’s what loads of their couple pictures, all the good and happy times, say!

Also, they have performed in quite a lot of public events together. With all the buzz, fans are expecting some news about the wedding. However, the couple hasn’t’ shared any information on whether they are tying the knot together or not. It’s kind of predictable with such a happy-loving couple. But still, to get a word out from them on this matter, we’ll probably have to wait a bit more. Just a little more patience to know if the couple will be walking the aisle; hold it together, fellas.

Drew Carey Past Relationships And Marriages

Considering his age, it’s evident that he has had a couple of relationships before. He has had quite a dating life before his current engagement with Amie Harwick.

However, he has never tied the knot with anyone. Although unmarried forever, he is a father to a son from his past relationship with Nicole Jaracs. We, fans out here, know about it quite well, don’t we? He had been dating Jarac for sometime before he finally proposed to her in the year 2007. It was nothing but bad luck that their engagement was called off, so, goes down the drain, their possible wedding ceremony in 2012.

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More About Amie Harwick, Girlfriend, Fiancé Of Drew Carey

Amie Harwick is currently dating the American veteran actor, or should I say, American sensation, Drew Carey. About her career, she is a family therapist who has been advising several couples to take their marriage on a ride or only how to deal with marital issues. That’s something we hope works for Drew and Amie. With Amie and Drew’s recent engagement last year in July, they have been seen spending some quality time together. Just like Drew, Amie has never been married before.

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