Eazy-E’s Widow Tomica Wright Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Tomica Wright was not famous until the death of his legendary rapper husband, Eric Lynn Wright, popularlycalled Eazy-E. They got married in 1995, and the rapper died twelve days later. Eazy-E was the leader of N.W.A., a hip-hop teamwhich was under his record label known as Ruthless Records.
After the rapper’s death, Tomica took over the record label in 1995, and currently she serves as the CEO and president, growing her late husband’s legacy. At the time of hispassing, the label’s worth was around $15 million, which has increased due to Tomica’s hard work.

Tomica had a hard time getting the company back on its feet in the first few years. This is because he had to find new musicians and managers to work with her. However, with years of dedication, she has learned the industry’s culture, which has helped her run the label effectively.

She signed new musicians and got help from experts who were close to Eazy-E, like Dr, Dre and Ice Cube.Tomica has worked with many artists under the label, including Chris Tucker,Kid Frost, Hopsin, Big Chan, and Stevie Stone.

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Tomica Wright Net Worth

Tomica’s net worth is approximately$10 million, mostly made from her activities in the record label. Despite running a business she didn’t establish, Tomica significantly helped it make more money using her entrepreneurial skills.

Tomica is also passionate about film, and has produced several TV shows and movies. For instance, she was the executive producer of Eazy-E’s documentary: The Impact of a Legend, which was released in 2002. In 2015, she produced the popular film Straight Outta Compton, which saw her pocket over $200 million from the global box office. Besides, she makes a lot of money from DVD sales of her movies, allowing her to achieve that decent net worth.

Tomica Wright Cars And House

In 2005, Tomica bought their family home in Calabasas, allegedly at $3,099,000. In 2010, an article by TMZ, which was removed, claimed that the house was foreclosed after Tomica stopped paying her mortgage payments.

Many details were not adding up, which probably is why the article was removed from the site. However, the family moved, and the home was listed for $1.8 million in October 2012. It was then sold on November 27, 2012, at $2,067,000. There is no much information about her current residence or cars.

Tomica Wright Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents, Education Details

Tomica Woods Wright, was born on an undisclosed date in 1969 in Los Angeles. She was raised by her mom and dad interchangeably as they lived in different areas and was once inthe foster system.

Tomicais an alumnus ofSan Fernando Valley high school. She performed welland joined Santa Monica and West L.A. Community College. After college, she got a secretarial work at Tabu Records founded by Clarence Avant. Through Clarence, she met Eazy-E at a nightclub.

In 1993, Clarence was offered a chairman post at Motown Records, and he went with Tomica as his secretary. She was a secretary until she had to take over the record label. She informed Clarence of her plans to resignwhen Eazy-E’s illness worsened and was admitted to the hospital. The experience she gained at Tabu Records significantly helped her when she started managing Ruthless Records.
Shewas a single mom beforeshe started dating Eazy-E and together they got two kids, Dominick, and Daijah Wright.


Tomica Wright is from a humble background in Los Angeles. She met Eazy-E in 1991, and shortly after that they started dating. The lovebirdsdated for four years, and in 1995 they decided to get married. After twelve days in marriage, Eazy-E died, which meant that Tomica had to step up to keep his late husband’s legacy alive.

She has faced a lot of criticism from people who think she sought quick fortune. She has responded in interviews stating that Ruthless records was facing issues before joining, so she had to put more effort. Also, she wasn’t made the president right away, she was first a vice president while still learning. She has done a fantastic job, and Ruthless Records is now among the top record labels in the music industry.

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