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Edward James Stafford is a well know British explorer. He earned Guinness world record for being the first human being ever to walk the length of the amazon river. His achievement his highly courageous and honorable. Let’s see Edward Stafford’s career details, personal details, net worth. You are in the right place to know more about Edward Stafford.

Who Is Ed Stafford And What Is His Career?

Edward Stafford is a British adventurer, he was born in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England and raised in Leicestershire. And has served as a captain in royal military academy Sandhurst. His beginning in the military started as an infantry officer in 1998 and lastly promoted as captain. He went to Afghanistan for a high-risk encounter with terrorists. Nonetheless, in 2000 he voluntarily retired from military and chose another path. He then started his career in BBC national’s history unit in 2007. After a year, he started his expedition on walking by the amazon river in North America. He was accompanied by a friend named Luke Collyer. However, Luke Collyer, withdrew from the expedition three months later, as a result, his name couldn’t be included in the history books. His amazon expedition raised Edward Stafford’s fame and it became the turning point of his career making his debut on the discovery channel and exploring a step ahead.
Edward Stafford is honored with Mungo Park Medal by royal Scottish geographical society, National Geographic Adventurer of the year 2010 title, European adventurer of the year award in 2011. A book was released based on his isolation in tropical islands which was also aired in discovery.

Ed Stafford Net Worth And Salary

Edward Stafford’s assets started to raise on his two and half year journey in the amazon river. Brands like the land rover, scouts, and Sony mobile offered him to be their ambassador. His current net worth is unknown but he earns around $200,000 a year.

His main source of income came from television roles. His shows such as Marooned with Ed Stafford, Ed Stafford: Into The Unknown, Ed Stafford: Left For Dead, Ed Stafford: First Man Out. His adventures were made into books which also raised his fortune.

Ed Stafford Married To Wife Laura Bingham

Edward Stafford married to Laura Bingham, who is also an explorer. They are also off-camera adventurers because Bingham delivered her child in their bedroom, later Stafford announced it on his twitter. They named their little boy Ranulph. They both have a better understanding mutually.

Laura Bingham was on a cycling trip in South America. She made her first move by asking some tips through email. Edward Stafford replied in a jovial manner.

After three months, they got engaged in an epic proposal in northern mountains in Australia. Later on, September 4th of 2016, they got married and a year after they gave birth to their first child Ranulph.

More About Ed Stafford Wife Laura Bingham

Laura Bingham is an explorer and a former model. She was born in the English countryside with four sisters and she was the youngest. Her family was an adventure family as they often travel to various parts of the world. She also studied in South Africa for a while, where she explored her passion for traveling. She left her home and started to explore the world at the age of 18.

She traveled to Mexico in 2014, to teach English, she also got involved with the Mexican government on jaguar conservation. In four months she also learned Spanish. Her trip back to her home was a long journey which she chose instead of a twelve-hour flight. Her first journey was through cycle across the continent. Later, her second journey was through sailing with a three men crew and a cat.

Her biggest and highlighted expedition was in 2018, where she organized and started the first descent in Essequibo River in Guyana, South America.

Ed Stafford Bio: Age, Early Life

Edward Stafford was born on 26th December 1975, in Peterborough, England. He was adopted and raised by Barbara and Jeremy. They also had a daughter of their own. He studied Uppingham School in Rutland; he explored his talents in scouting. Later, his sister helped him track his biological parents, he found his parents and his two younger brothers.


Edward Stafford still holds the Guinness world record and other titles which makes him a true explorer. We will update you on his net worth.

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