Emily Fernandez Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Emily Fernandez, a.k.a. Right Cheek, had a tough start in life while young. After being born with dwarfism known as Achondroplasia, Emily was put for adoption by her biological parents.

She was adopted by a kind of couple who also suffered from dwarfism and gave her a nurturing childhood. Unfortunately, at the age of sixteen years Emily suffered another tragedy in her life, her adopted mother died because of surgery complications.

She slowly rose in her professional life when dealing with the tragedy. She made a splash through starring in Little Women: Atlanta and also Little Women: Dallas. She was also part of the duo performer called, The Cheeks with Bri Barlup.

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Emily Fernandez Net Worth

She had a happy childhood after her adoption by her kind of second parents. Emily also is well set for life in terms of money as she boosts a trust fund.

However, she personally chose to work to earn a living via her career. Her group The Cheeks are quite popular. As rapper Lil Chuckee’s featured the group in his music video for his song, Da Wop. Nevertheless, Emily is a club owner, performer, and a reality star.

Emily also earns a sizeable salary from each episode she is appearing in the reality show Little Women: Atlanta – this adds to her net worth.

Emily Fernandez Body Measurements

The money maker’s height stands at 4 feet 1 inch (1.24 m) tall.

Emily Fernandez Husband Potential And Baby Details

For a long time, Emily had an on-off relationship with Lontel Johnson. The intensity of their romance had led many people to believe that the reality star would finally turn Lontel into her husband.

On April 27th 2016, people’s speculation grew when the couple welcomed a baby boy named Lontel Jahnar Johnson Jr. (JJ). However, the pregnancy and birth of the baby was eventually a testing time for Emily and her boyfriend both as a couple and parents.

The reason behind such condition was that Lontel suffered from dwarfism just like her mother. The suffering that begun when he was inside the womb, add to that he also had brain damage.

Emily’s baby boy health scare continued as the boy suffered from seizures, and he had to be tested regularly and monitored continuously. Although, the health situation got worse, and he had to be put in the ventilator. In August 2016, just three months after birth,the reality star’s son died.

After the death of their son, both the couple grieved a lot and found solace in each other. Until when, the Little Women: Atlanta star Emily wanted to become a mother again. But, her partner Lontel didn’t want to suffer another tragedy again thus, the differences cropped up and they broke up.

After break up, Emily did not stop to want a child, she struck a deal with her ex-boyfriend to become her sperm donor. In October 2018 via IVF, his dream came through when she gave birth to a son Zayne Odell Johnson.

Currently, the reality star is a mother of two living children. A son named Zayne, and a daughter called Eva from her previous relationship. Her daughter Eva, is normal while her second son suffers from dwarfism.

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