Erin Andrews Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Erin Andrews is a sports journalists and her name is quiet common in the American sports journalism industry. Erin Andrews, the sportscaster was born on 4th May 1978 in Lewiston in Maine and presently she is forty-two years old. Besides this brief details of her life, how much more could you tell about the net worth and other achievements which she has garnered with all the years she has contributed to? Well, then you are fortunate enough as you have come across a great and trustworthy source which will not only just elaborate about her net worth but also about informations linked to her husband, parents, children, body measurements etc.

Erin Andrews Net Worth

Erin has always kept her property out of the media eyes. . This explains why when a photo of her even loading her BMW X6 trolled the internet; fans became interested in knowing Erin Andrews’ salary. Or even did you all want to know of her earnings because of her thriving sports journalism career? Whichever the reason may be , we today have her earnings details here and we will be getting an insight of her net worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Erin Andrews’ salary as of reports of 2018 is $2 million and with her age, you can tell that she still has some opportunities to embrace in the industry. Having said this, it is absolutely correct and appropriate to speculate an increase in Erin Andrew’ salary in a couple of years.

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If this happens then one apparent thing will also surely happen, Erin Andrews’ net worth will also increase. This is because according to studies conducted by finance specialists and their conclusions drawn, an individual’s net worth is affected by their earning. In a way, this means that if your salary increases, your net worth equally increases and vice versa.

Erin Andrews’ net worth is ten times her salary. If you are weak in calculations and are not sure about the value that is what is the net worth of Erin? Well, Erin Andrews’ net worth as provided by net worth celebrity is around $20 million. One of the things that have been noted about the sportscaster is related to her career is her failure to receive any trophy for the work she has done in the industry. This does not mean she is not doing well in the industry. In fact, Erin Andrews’s net worth serves as a proof that she is doing pretty well at her job. Maybe she is just in a niche that fields stiff competition in terms of awards but with time she will be scooping a number of those trophies.

Erin Andrews Career Details

The environment has long been said to be a great influence of significant aspects in our life, and Erin Andrews is proving this analogy as being correct. This is because according to her she grew up surrounded in a sports environment or persons who had great love for sports. Although this made her being a tomboy as sports mainly football is usually referred as a guy’s thing, she learned to love sports immensely. In particular, the queen enjoyed watching NBA games and she was a loyal fan of Boston Celtics. Erin states that if she is in the field today, it is because of female sports anchors like Suzy Kolber, Hannah Storm, Melissa Stark, and Lesley Visser.

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Seeing them reporting in what she loves is perhaps what inspired her to study telecommunications at the University of Florida and make her career in this field.

Erin Andrews Career Details

Upon graduating at the institution in 2000, she was fortunate to begin her career practice with Fox Sports Florida. Here, she worked as a freelance reporter for a year, then she worked at Sunshine Network and Turner South network from 2001 to 2004 as a reporter and studio host. At around April in 2004, the biggest breakthrough of her career dawned as she secured a spot at ESPN.

At ESPN, she reported the National Hockey Night, and in 2012 she moved to Fox Sports. Here, the female sportscaster was not only a sports reporter but the first host to anchor the Fox College Football studio show. After a couple of months, she replaced Pam Oliver and hence became a sideline reporter on NFL channel.

Erin has not only replaced Pam Oliver in her career tenure but there are more famous people whom she has replaced . Erin Andrews has even replaced Brooke Burke which announced her entry into hosting of TV shows.

Erin co hosted the Dancing with the Stars show airing on ABC since 2014 by replacing Brooke Burke . Before this, however, the glamorous sports anchor was privileged to show case her more areas of expertise by being among the contestants on the tenth season of the show alongside Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

Erin Andrews Bio: Age, Ethnicity, Parents, Height, Weight

The 40-year-old sports journalist is an American and she belongs to white ethnicity. Her parents are Paula and Steven Andrews, she weighs only 55 kilograms and stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall. Her body measurements reads 36-23-33.

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This tells the fact, why she was voted twice for American sexiest sportscaster and why she is desired a lot.

Unfortunately for those dreaming for her, Erin Andrews is married, and her husband is Jarret Stoll. Dancing is one of the activities she loves a lot which is influenced by her studies at Brandon of dance arts earthed in Seffner in Florida.

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