Former Drug Dealer George Jung Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Daughter

In 2001 Johnny Depp portrayed his life in a film “Blow” after which George Jacob Jung became a celebrity. Jung had become part of the Medellin Cartel. After that, their names were kept as Boston George and El Americano. It smuggled large amounts of cocaine into the US, hence its name is included in the big drug smugglers of America.

It was common for George Jung to do odd jobs in jail like drug smugglers. Time passed slowly and in 1994 he was sentenced to 60 years. He later decided very thoughtfully and thought to testify against his partner Carlos Lehder Rivas to the police. He was thinking this so that his sentence would be reduced to 20 years. In this way he was released in 2014.

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George Jung Marriage With Wife Mirtha Jung

We came to know about Mirtha Jung from “Blow”. In this, Penelope Cruz portrays her as a strong and incredible woman.

George Jung was part of Medellin Cartel so he was married. They were married in 1977. A year after their marriage, they had a daughter named Kristina Sunshine Jung. They divorced in prison in 1984.

George Jung was one of America’s biggest drug smugglers, so his wife became addicted. It became clear after his daughter’s name in 1981 when her daughter was 3 years old.
Did George Jung remarry after divorcing his wife?

There is no information about his personal life after George Jung was released from prison. His secrecy may be due to his poor blood as he testified against his partner. The one who was with Kristina Sunshine Jung knows the aftermath. Some other sources have revealed that he has a daughter on one side named Clara Pearson but we do not get any information about her mother and her.

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George Jung Has A Daughter Called Kristina Sunshine Jung

George Jung and Mirtha Jung had a daughter a year after their wedding. She was born in 1978. George and Mirtha’s relationship was not good because George spent most of his time in jail. His wife went to meet him at the time of his imprisonment. Both of them had also spoken after they were released from jail. It can be inferred that now the relationship between the two will be good. Together with Boston George Apparel and Merchandise, he runs his family business.

They were seen together in several shows. They were seen together on her Instagram account such as @kristina_sunshine_jung and @bostongev Apparel.
George Jung Net worth and properties

Their total assets are 10 thousand dollars. Boston George Apparel and Merchandise is considered as the source of their income. He has stated on his online shop website that “now he sells dope clothes”.

“Now I can’t sell dope so now dope sells clothes”.

George Jung and Kristina Sunshine Jung are owned by the jung family itself. It was founded by Kristina while George was in prison. After his release from prison, George had said in a post on BG Apparel Tumblr that his business was now legal so his actual value would increase.
Boston George thought of making a reality show in 2016 with Tremendous Films Inc. After this, he put a video named Boston George Pilot on YouTube.

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George Jung was born in Boston, Massachusetts to Frederick and Ermine Jung. This day was on 6 August 1942. A “Blow” film was made in 2001. It depicts his life. After this it became famous. He was married to Mirtha Jung. Which lasted from 1977 to 1984. They have a daughter named Kristina Sunshine Jung. In 2014, George was released from prison. After this he made good relations with his daughter. Now he is running BG Apparel and Merchandise which is his business family.

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