George Santo Pietro Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

George Santo Pietro is the name that first came up when he married TV actress, Vanna White. He is a film director, Restaurateur and currently, a civil engineer. Before marrying Vanna White, she was a huge fan of Vanna White. He was one of the supporters who stood by Vanna’s side when his fiancée John Gibson died.

George Santo Pietro Dating History And Married Life With Wife

George’s love life was full of change and turning. Before marrying Vanna White, George had married Linda Evans, an actress from 1981. Their marriage did not last long in 1985 when their marriage ended. However, their marriage gave birth to a baby girl in 1982 Andrea Santo Pietro.

After their divorce in 1990, George fell in love with Vanna White and married her. It was then that he appeared prominently. They had a happy marriage and, despite the difficulties that Vanessa faced in 1992, remained united. Five years after their marriage in 1995 Vanna was able to give birth to their first son Niko Santo Pietro and in 1997 she gave birth to a baby girl, Gigi Santo Pietro.
In 2002 the couple got divorced. George was surprised when Vanna White announced her engagement with businessman Michael Kaye. Undeterred, she resumed her life. He remarried on the 8th of October 2005 to Melissa Mascari. Two years after their marriage in 2007, Melissa gave birth to a daughter, Chiara Santo Pietro. George and Melissa are still married to each other.

George Santo Pietro Career Details

He started out as a restaurateur who became very wealthy by catching and catching an idolly. He has worked on films such as Star Trek; Voyage, Real Blood, Angel Pushing Daisy among others.

His wife, Vanna, is featured in an interview showing how wealthy her ex-husband was when he married her. It was only after marrying Vanna that George got into directing films like Kept. He kept his job as a film director for a very long time before switching to a new career. Currently, he works as a building engineer in the U.S.A.

George Santo Pietro Net Worth

For a long time, he didn’t make it to the headlines until 2010 when he sold his Beverly Hill Mansion. The news of the sale created a lot of speculations since, despite the house being priced at $50 million initially, George sold the house at $ 23.5 million which is below half the price of the house.

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