Gold Rush Cast Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

Do you want to know how much the actors in a reality TV show/series take home? Welcome on board, I will provide you information about the net worth of one famous reality TV series called Gold Rush. Gold Rush is a reality TV series that is aired on the Discovery channel. During its first season, the reality series was named Gold Rush; Alaska. The series is all about family-run gold mining companies working in Klondike, Yukon in Canada. In mining, different teams are involved.

Season one of Gold Rush features six men. Those men belong to Oregon, a very small town that is located 30 miles southeast of Portland. The present casts of Gold Rush are Jack Hoffman, Parker Schnabel, Gary Grogan, Roger Schnabel, Fred Dodge, Chris Doumitt, and Tony Beets. Gold Rush is a show that brings both old and young stars.

Gold Rush Cast Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

The salary that Gold Rush cast receive from the reality show is primarily aimed at expanding their gold mining business. Investing in a gold mine can take you to either a higher level financially, or take away all your wealth.

In the beginning, the show was based on the dream of a father and son to become rich gold miners in the 21st century. Todd Huffman risked all his fortune to feature at the American dream and paid a high price, he became a millionaire in one season.

Unfortunately, though, some of the mid-seasons did not pay much, and the two ended up spending more than they received from the show. By the fifth season, a significant majority of the staff had abandoned Todd and Jack. They both took it as a dare and became more determined to prove themselves as accomplished gold miners.

The breakdown of each cast, their short bio, and net worth is explained below. Let’s begin with Park Schnabel.

Parker Schnabel Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

Parker appeared as an excelling guest in Season one. He is given Big Nugget, one of the mines, in season two. Now, Parker is 22 years old gentleman and he joined the series when he was 17 years old. It’s said that Parker has received a good pay after a successful season five.

At this time, Parker Schnabel has a net worth of over $1 million however he claims to have more arrears than an ordinary 20-year-old. His salary per episode is about $50,000.

Todd Hoffman Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

As mentioned earlier, a majority of Gold Rush’s team abandon Todd Hoffman and his father. But they proved that they were bound to become successful in gold mining. True to their struggle, Todd Hoffman made his gold mine profitable and later it started operating on a large scale.
Being the most successful miner, he earned a net worth of above $1 million and his salary is $30,000. Todd Hoffman is 47 years old as of 2017.

Paul Christie Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

Very little information is available regarding Paul’s net worth. Unverified sources claim that his net worth is $20 million. Paul Christie receives $30,000 salary per episode in Gold Rush
Paul Christie appears as the voice actor in Gold Rush. He was born in Manhattan in 1951. In addition to voice acting, Paul has also worked as a comedian, an artist, writer, and narrator.

Jack Hoffman Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

Jack Hoffman is the father of Todd Hoffman. Previously, Jack used to be a gold miner for almost 25 years in Alaska. Joining the Gold Rush is the second chance to make his dream come true in Alaska.

Jack is 65 years old as of 2017. He views the gold mining industry as a means of digging millions out of the earth.

The 65-year-old carried on digging his millionaire dollar dream and increased his net worth by $0.5 million to the last season. His salary is about $40,000.

Dave Turin Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

Dave Turin was born in Sandy, Oregon. By profession, he is a civil engineer. He is involved in the engineering business and has a net worth of over $2 million. His salary per episode is approximately $50,000.

Dave has been a guest star in various episodes of the first season of Gold Rush. In the second season, he appeared as an experienced foreman. Thenceforth, Todd effectively persuaded him to take a break from his family business. Later, on March 17, the 52-year-old announced his retirement.

Greg Remsburg Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

Greg has been in and out of the reality TV series, Gold Rush. He left Gold Rush in 2013 but he returned as cast in the fourth season. After season 5, Greg again left the show. Reasons to leave the show remain underground. Greg is 41 years old and his net worth is not known.

Jim Thurber Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

In the beginning, Jim was an expert in Metal sheet work as well as a fisherman. He has experience of more than 30 years. Jim works as a safety officer at Gold Rush. In the reality show, he has also been assigned the task of finding precious metal.

He joined the show after the financial crisis that badly affected his business. 54 years old Jim is a remarkably hardworking and devoted member of the Hoffman crew.

Jim has earned a net worth of around $350,000, whereas his annual salary is $120,000 which is brought about by a $10,000 monthly earning.

Monica Beets Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

Just like many members of the cast, Monica Beets gained fame through the Gold Rush reality show. She is one of the miners in the reality show. Monica’s father, Tony Beets, is also a miner. In the show, Monica manages her father’s mining team. She learned mining from an early age when she usually accompanies her father to the mining grounds.

The net worth of Monica Beets is $1 million with an annual salary of around $175,000. She is the youngest in her family. She was born on 7th November 1993. Monika has three siblings comprised of two brothers and an elder sister. Let’s discuss her sister Bianca.

Bianca Beets Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

Bianca belongs to Beet’s family, daughter of Tony Beets and elder sister of Monica Beets. Just as Monica, Bianca assists her father’s gold mine. The net worth of Bianca Beets has not yet been revealed however unlike her sister, Monica Beets, she does not play significant roles.

The estimated net worth of Bianca Beets is approximately $50,000 whereas her salary per episode is $3,000.

Kevin Beets Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

Kevin Beets is again a member of Beet’s family, son of Tony Beets. Kevin is also an actor in the Gold Rush. Not much is known about him however like his siblings, Monica and Bianca, Kevin grew up in a mining company that equipped him with key skills which he helps at his father’s mine.

Kevin Beet has an estimated net worth of around $30,000 and a salary of $ 2,000.

Mike Beets Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

Mike Beets is the second son of Tony Beets. In the same way, like other members of the Beet family, Mike helps his father in the exploration for gold, a valuable metal. He works with his father in Klondike, Canada. His personal details are still under discussion. Mike Beet has a net worth of $20,000 and receives a salary of $2,000.

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