Helen Owen Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

The term ‘stunningly beautiful,’ can perhaps maybe closer to a description of Helen Owen. This striking and spectacular supermodel definitely can turn any head around the world! A renowned professional bikini model, Helen Owen has embellished the cover of numerous magazines and journals receiving lots of applause than most of the models globally. Read on for a deeper insight into her age, career and wiki/bio.

Helen Owen Career Details

When most people talk about modeling, the first question that rings into their minds is, which modeling agency does she work for? Undoubtedly, the bikini model chose a different path. Her career dates back to when she was in high school blogging on life’s experiences.

When she joined college, she enhanced her blog to higher heights, switched platforms and hit Instagram where she received incredible acknowledgement. By incessantly working on her content and creativity, she became a professional influencer on quite a lot of modeling gigs and brand promotion.

After graduating with a degree in design at UCLA, Hellen established her own brand and has since travelled all over the world as a digital model. Based in Los Angeles, the model now snoozes on strategies, runs on coffee and strolls in bikinis! She has won countless titles including the Lovely lady of the day by Sports illustrated magazine and Frankie Girl of the month.

Helen Owen Net worth

Owen’s major source of income is modeling. Her net worth as of 2017 was estimated at $250 thousand though her most current paycheck and net worth is under review considering her current deluxe lifestyle and travel destinations that features private planes together with her fiancé Zack Kalter in most of the times.

Helen Owen Dating History And Marriage Details

One of the countless reasons she travels is to be with Zack. Zack features in the Bachelorette and the Bachelor in Paradise. He is an established businessman and finances her travels. From their luxurious trips to the world’s famous exotic resorts in Greece to the Miami beaches, the two are inseparable.

The lovebirds met in March 2015, while filming in Cabo, Mexico and became instant friends. 4 months later, they began courting in Coachella, Stagecoach and a number of other dates.
While occupational trips seem to have a tendency of encumbering most relationships, Zack and Owen love the tests that come with this experience. Actually, the couple share creative ideas while working, storyboarding and even shooting styling. Helen Owen and Zack aren’t yet to announce their wedding date.

Helen Owen Family Details

Owen’s biggest turn so far is her engagement to Zack. Her personal life is as private as her thoughts with information about her parents off the public domain. However, she revealed in an interview that her family lives in the Bay area of San Francisco.

Helen Owen Bio: Age, Early Life, Education, Parents

Helen Owen was born on December 8th, 1992 in Bristol, England and later moved to the Bay area, San Francisco where she grew up. She is currently 25 years with a degree in design from UCLA.

Details about her early education are scanty though it is believed that she studied in California.
The 5.7 feet, hazel eyed brunette is Caucasian American with British origins. Swimwear brands like Vitamin A is the most common brand that Owen promotes. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Owen has never signed to any Modelling Agency from the time when she began modeling. She works on her own website (helen-owen.com) where she raises awareness and manages her business.

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