Is Anne Allison Dead Or She Is Alive? Know About Her Net Worth And Divorce With Johnny Depp

The whole world knows and adores “Pirates of the Caribbean” star Johnny Depp but a little is known about his first wife and first love Lori Anne Allison. She is not only the ex-wife of Popular celebrity, she’s a professional make-up artist and a successful business woman.

However, after Allison and Depp split up, she stayed out of the spotlight which gave rise to many speculations of her death.

Is Lori Anne Allison Dead Or Alive?

As we expected, all the rumors surrounding Allison’s death were false and baseless. It was all a fake propaganda to start a rumor that Lori succumbed to death while in reality she is very much alive, healthy and doing well. Her absence from social media and her disappearance from the public eye was her personal choice. It should not, in any way, to be taken as an opportunity to spread false rumors.

Where Is Lori Anne Allison Now?

The ex-wife of Johnny Depp is now a very successful make-up artist and business woman, even in her 60’s.

Not only is she a talented stylist and make-up artist but she also owns two firms; “Serendipity” and “D’cups” . Serendipity is her own line of lip glosses that was launched in 2015 while D’cups is a small catering cupcake business.

Lori has been working with high-profile clients and A-list celebrities. Although her net is still unknown to us, we do know that her divorce brought her a settlement of 7 million dollars.

Lori Anne Allison Career Details

Way before making his debut in “The Nightmare on Elm Street”, Johnny was rock star in the band “Rock City Angels”. This is how he met his first wife Lori Anne; she was the sister of the band’s bassist. Lori grew fond of Depp and his music, and both of them got romantically involved.

Lori Anne Allison Marriage Details

Depp 20 and Lori 25 at the time, tied the knot on December 20th, 1983. The couple moved to L.A and both pursued their own career in their particular field of interest. Working with big shots in film industry paid off when Lori introduced her husband to Nicholas Cage who coerced him into acting. However, happiness didn’t last long for them, two years later the couple split up due to irreconcilable differences.

With that being said, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Hollywood wouldn’t have had a great Captain Jack Sparrow if it weren’t for Lori Anne. She played significant role in Depp’s acting career. Nevertheless, both of them maintained their friendship and supported each other in time of need even after the divorce. Lori stepped forward in defense of her ex husband when he fought legal battles.

Depp’s second wife, Amber Heard brought up allegation of domestic abuse when he divorced Heard in 2016. Allison defended her ex-husband and claimed that he is a “soft person” and would never even hurt a fly. She also claimed that during their time together he never showed aggression towards her.

Lori Anne Allison Bio: Age, Early Life

Lori was born on 6th of September, 1957 in the USA. Not much is known about her home town or residence but we do know a little something of significance regarding early life. Growing up Lori was interested in makeup and loved playing with dolls. Most her childhood was spent playing tea parties with her dolls, making their hairstyle and doing their makeup. When she hit teen, she started working at a boutique which raised her interest in fashion to another level. She tried her luck in music industry as well but unfortunately couldn’t make it. Listening to her friends Adam Ant and Christina Applegate, Lori became full time make-up artist. It was Adam that got her a job in television and this opened a new doorway to success.


Lori Anne is more than Depp’s ex-wife. She’s a make-up artist as well as a businesswoman. Although she keeps low profile and does not enjoy media attention, she is very much alive and living in style.

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