Is David Muir Gay, Married To Wife Or Dating Girlfriend? Know His Net Worth

David Muir is an American Journalist who is famous as an anchor of ABC World News Tonight. The journalist’s sexual orientation has been the subject of speculation for many years now. Is David Muir gay? This question has come in thick and fast, and in this review, we will attempt to answer this.

We will look at other parts of David’s life to answer questions like is David Muir married with a woman, and we also want to know about any partner/boyfriend he has had in the past, as well as his dating life and family.

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Is David Muir Really Gay?

That is a question that has sparked many debates. The anchor is a personality known, and as such, a lot of people want to know about his dating life. As far as we can tell, David Muir is not a married man. He also leads a relatively private life, and as such, all we have to go on is speculation. There was a somehow credible rumor that he was involved with one of his colleagues, Gio Benitez.

David and Gio Benitez got frequently sponsored spending some time together in several gay bars. These occurrences continued to fuel the speculation that David Muir was gay.

However, the journalist has never come out, and as such, his orientation remains a mystery. His supposed boyfriend, Benitez, got engaged to Tommy DiDario in 2015. That killed the rumors of their secret relationship.

For a time, the anchor David Muir had rumors he was dating his ABC colleague, Kelly Ripper. People saw the two spending time together and post several pictures of each other on social media, which made people speculate that Kelly and David Muir were dating. However, we can put this rumor away because Kelly is married.
Her husband is Mark Consuelos, and she is married to him for more than 20 years, and the two have three kids together. People also made rumors about David that he was involved with Kate Dries, a deputy editor at Jezebel magazine, but again, these were just unsubstantiated rumors.

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There are several unanswered questions about David Muir’s dating life. Whether he is dating anyone or is married, it is not known. We also don’t know about David’s sexual orientation, and we won’t know until he comes out and clarifies it.

David Muir Family Details

The anchor got raised alongside three other siblings in a Roman Catholic household. They grew up in Onondaga Hill, and as such, are very fluent in Spanish. Muir has one older biological brother and two adopted sisters. As an extension of his family, he has six nieces and three nephews. The journalist’s parents are Ronald Muir and Pat Mills.

His parents were very religious, and maybe this is one of the reasons why he doesn’t openly want to admit his sexual orientation. David and his family are very close, as close as any family could be. He regularly posts pictures of himself and his sisters on Instagram. For mother’s day last year, he was also seen spending time with his mother, Patt Mills.

David is a family man and usually refers to his family as his squad. They set aside plenty of times to spend together, and even go on vacations together from time to time.


Several questions remained unanswered regarding David Muir’s orientation. For now, we can wait for him to open up about it to the rest of the world.

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