Is Rick Ness Leaving The Gold Rush Show? Know His Bio, Age, Net Worth And Family Details

Rick Ness is a miner in Gold Rush from Michigan, USA. He grew up around heavy machinery at his father’s construction business. He played football in college, but a head injury ended his playing career. Later he shifted his career path towards music and formed a band named ‘.357 Stringband’. Together they travelled around the world and released three albums too. During one of the tour stops Rick met the crew of Gold Rush and expressed a desire to work with Parker Schnabel. Later he got a call from the team and thereby his adventure started in mining gold.

Though he didn’t have any prior experience in mining, but he dealt with heavy machinery in his younger days.

What Happened To Rick Ness On Gold Rush?

Mining gold can be taxing. A little more is required from you always. Conflict is often the result of disagreement about the quality of the employee’s work and difference in ideas. If a supervisor and employee have significantly different thoughts/ideas, friction can arise. Same thing happened here. Rick’s supervisor, Parker Schnabel is upset with him for his failure in the gold mine. Like any other employee who would always want the finest output for what efforts he/she puts in, Parker Schnabel too wants more gold without much wastage.

Rick was constantly opposed by Parker. He questions Rick on his modus operandi and the lower output. For an instance, Parker asks Rick as why he was spent a lot of time working on certain projects which were not satisfying and also questioned him on his mining procedure. Rick earlier worked alone, but later he was in requirement of four more people. This angered Parker and left the area.

Parker thinks Rick is incompetent and unreliable as a gold miner and thereby contemplates on whether to have him in the next show. Another point remains a question on whether Rick will continue working for the show or not.

Is Rick Ness Leaving The Gold Rush Show?

The constant conflicts between Rick and Parker were not doing any good, and led to Rick leaving the show.

Parker accused Rick of being uncooperative and unwilling to take efforts for mining. Rick has quit the show, but there is no clue about which is his next show. There is unconfirmed news that he might have a new show in his kitty and will be back on screen soon.

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