Is Tarek El Moussa Married To Wife? Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth

Tarek El Moussa, the famous American television personality was born on 21st August 1981 and he is now thirty nine years old. Tarek did not have a very easy life but these hardships have not been able to take away the charm he has. He ha s a very charming and elegant personality making him a very adorable personality in America and many other countries too .

Tarek El Moussa Bio: Age, Early Life, Ethnicity

Tarek El Moussa holds an American nationality and according to some sources he is said to be born in Egypt after which he came to America. It is still unclear about his ethnicity as claims are made that his father is from Morocco which makes it more doubtful about the exact ethnicity. If we go by his name which depicts El Moussa he is said to be Muslim but he has made confessions of being a Christian.These things have kept all the fans of the star in doubts but it’s confirmed that he is a Christian. He even belongs to white ethnicity.

Tarek El Moussa Marriage Details And Kids

Tarek got married to Christina in the year 2009 and they welcomed new members to their family. The first child of there is daughter born on the 22nd December in the year 2010 whom they named as Taylor El Moussa. They had their second child in the year 2015 who was a son, his birth was quiet complicated and they had to go through many tough times for his safe birth, they named him as Brayden El Moussa

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Tarek El Moussa Cancer And Treatment

Tarek was diagnosed with multiple cancer lumps in his body but luckily he was treated in time and was protected from a life threatening issue. It was in the year 2013 when one was his viewer noticed a lump on his neck who was also a registered nurse, so to confirm things he underwent a biopsy and got it removed as it was reported cancerous.This was the time when he was diagnosed with stage two thyroid cancer but it was non cancerous and was removed at there itself before causing further issues.

Tarek El Moussa Career, Net Worth, Achievements

Tarek El Moussa has a very different career prospects , he is American real estate investor and an American television personality.. He hosted HGTV reality series show “Flip Flop” alongside his wife Christine. They both are into real estate business as Christine is also very much involved in theses deals. Their major businesses comprises of buying homes and selling after renovating them lavishly which give them huge profits.they have an agency named “The El Moussa group” which is located in orange country,California. Tarek has an estimated net worth of around $3 million under his name which makes him a rich guy.

Tarek El Moussa Divorce Details

The real estate investor couple parted their ways in December 2016 after staying together for many years.

They kept their personal lives apart from their professional one and hosted the reality show “Flip Flop” together as they did earlier. As per rumors it was Tarek’s abusive nature that led to the divorce of the couple but the two have chosen their paths and both of them are dating someone in their lives Tarek is rumored to be dating his kids nanny named Alyssa Logan while Christine is said to be dating Nate Thompson. They both are very much occupied with their lives and are on the run to increase their net worth to the maximum.

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