Is Whoopi Goldberg Gay Or Dating Boyfriend After Divorce From Husband? Know Her Net Worth

All of three of Whoopi Goldberg’s marriages were not successful and ended with divorce. After divorcing her last husband, Whoopi never remarried anyone else ever again. A lot of people are in doubt regarding her sexuality and raise a lot of questions.
Find out more about Whoopi’s sexual preferences, all three of her marriages and little something about her personal life.

Whoopi Goldberg Marriage Details And Husbands

Back then when life was simple and easy, Whoopi was a regular teenager living in the city of New York. She met her love and boyfriend named Alvin Edward Martin. Things escalated quickly when she found out about her pregnancy and decided to get married as it was the right thing to do. The couple tied the knot in the year 1973.

Whoopi Goldberg And Alvin Martin

Alvin Martin, the first husband of Goldberg, is a retired English football player. He spent most of his life playing football and had a throttling career as defender for West Ham United. Out of all three marriages, her marriage to Alvin was the longest and lasted for 6 whole years. The couple spent 6 years together and became parents to a little girl Alex Martin. Alex was born on 9th May, 1973. The only reason Whoopi and Alvin stuck together was because of their darling daughter but they couldn’t play the game of happy family for long and split up in 1979.

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Whoopi Goldberg And David Claessen

For about seven years, the actress stayed single but never mingled with anyone. During her absence from dating world and being a single mother and a divorcee, Whoopi focused all her energy on raising her daughter. However, all of that changed when she met David Claessen and was left awestruck by his charms. David swooped her off her feet and both fell madly in love with each other. Whoopi got married, for the second time, to David Claessen in the year 1986. He was a talented and skilled cinematographer. Unfortunately, this holy bond of matrimony didn’t last long and after two years of being together, the couple ended the marriage with divorce in 1988.

Whoopi Goldberg And Lyle Trachtenberg

On 1st October, 1944, Whoopi got married for the third and last time, to Lyle Trachtenberg. When they say “third time’s a charm” they lie because third time for Whoopi was disastrous and was the shortest marriage out of all previous three marriages. One year into the relationship, the pair had already fell out of love and decided to call it quits. The couple do not have any child together.

So, what exactly was the reason behind Whoopi’s three failed marriages? During her interviews, the “Sister Act” star confessed that she never actually fell in love with her ex-husbands. she married three time because for her it seemed normal at that time so she went ahead and said her vows just to feel normal and fit in the society. It was reported that the cause of her second divorce was constant arguments and differences. It ended when the couple couldn’t be on the same page and see eye to eye.

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Is Whoopi Goldberg Gay?

Although she never married anybody after her third marriage ended, she still got back into the dating game and went out with few men. She dated Ted Danson from “Cheers”, Timothy Dalton and few others. However, this time it was different, there were no strings attached, no long-term commitment, no vows. This was the reason why fans questioned her sexuality and termed her as gay.

That is not the only reason people assume that she’s gay, let’s not forget about the movie roles that she played. She naturally executed the complicated role of gay character. The most iconic and praise-worthy of all, was the role of Jane, a lesbian, in the comedy-drama film “Boys On the Side”. She is also known to be a huge supporter and advocate of the LGBT community.

When all the rumors and speculations went out of control, Whoopi finally broke the ice and denied all the rumors about her being gay. She confessed that she is as straight as an arrow. She never dated or had any kind of relation with any woman before. She dismissed all the allegations regarding her sexuality and said that her marriages, however tragic they may be, are a clear proof of her sexual preference.


It looks like all the rumors about Whoopi being gay, are fake and baseless. The most interesting thing is that these rumors never bothered Whoopi Goldberg in anyway as she continued to be a famous star, a wonderful mother and a humble human being.

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