Jacob Sartorius Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Talented or plain simple, young or old, you can be famous. This has been made so by social networks through which fame has been made limitless. The internet in its entirety has been of major advantage to many upcoming artists. YouTube, Musicaly.LY, Instagram, and many other social networking sites; common mostly among the youth and teenagers, have enabled the rise and also the fall of many celebrities like Jacob Sartorius.

Jacob Sartorius Career Details

If you are mindful of current world trends especially in the entertainment industry, then you must know of Justin Bieber. Jacob Sartorius is a very talented music artist and internet celebrity who came to the limelight in the year 2014. He and Justin Bieber have an almost similar origin story.

Jacob is famous for his outstanding vocal ability, comical traits which he displays on his social media handles. Jacob made a major step when he started using Musical.ly, a social Media service app. He used the app to make song covers, sing original songs, and also lip-syncing, a characteristic feature for this app. Before then he did some vines and shared a couple of them on YouTube.

The origin story of Jacob is rather sad. He grew without the love of his birth parents who had him adopted because they couldn’t provide and care for him adequately. His music could express clearly what he felt and during the early course of his music career, the industry reacted negatively, but eventually, everything turned for the better. Young Jacob was forced to transfer to three schools as he was being picked on for making vines and music.

As much as Jacob’s recognition is attributed to his marvelous vocal talent, other factors like sympathy from his sad past made him famous among his fans. An example is when he uploaded a video against bullying that helped him boost his fame.

Jacob Sartorius Net Worth

Since 2014, Jacob’s career has been on an upward trend leading to a steady monthly increment to his net worth. His current net worth is estimated to be at $300, 000. He earns mostly through promoting brands and promoting brands. Also, music sales, concerts, and live shows like the Magcon tour that happened in Autumn 2016 where he performed are alternative sources of his income.

The teenage pop star rarely shows off. He even doesn’t own a house or any luxurious car. He lives with his adoptive parents in Reston, Virginia. He is not old enough to get a driving license thus owns no car.

Jacob Sartorius Dating History And Marriage Details

Yes, the young singer is at present dating actress Millie Bobby Brown who starred in the Netflix science fiction-horror series Stranger Things. Through Instagram posts, the young lovebirds show their warm love for each other and the future surely looks bright for the two. On Valentine’s day, Millie posted a picture of them together, and some of the gifts including an adorable teddy bear that Jacob gifted her, on Instagram.

Jacob Sartorius Age

Every October 2 Jacob together with his family celebrates his birthday. He is eager to turn 19 on October 2. His age currently is 18 years.

Jacob Sartorius Parents

Jacob lives with his adoptive parents. His biological parents who are supposedly living in Oklahoma, left him while still a baby. He trusts and has faith in his adoptive parents and considers them his real parents. They have been very supportive of him, and even sometimes the mother who is also her manager appears in his music videos.

Jacob Sartorius Body Measurements

Born in Oklahoma on October 2, 2002. Jacob is currently 173 cm tall and has grown gracefully into an adult.

Jacob Sartorius Early Life, Education, Siblings

Due to bullying in various schools, the musician resorted to homeschooling.

His elder sister Caroline Sartorius who is currently 23 years of age has appeared in some of his music videos. He has many cover songs and also hits songs like Sweatshirt, Hit or Miss, Last text, along with others. His ultimate hope is to be the best musician and with his current momentum, his dream will surely come true.

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