James Spader Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Married, Ex-Wife Victoria Spader

James Spader is an American actor, born on February 7, 1960, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. He has been active and energetic from 1978 till now and has starred in a number of notable films, including Sex, Lies and Videotapes, Stargate, and Avengers: Age of Ultra 2015. He has also acted in several television shows.

James Spader And Victoria Spader Marriage Details With Kids And Divorce

James Spader got married to Victoria Kheel. They met in the 1980s in a yoga studio and dated shortly before their marriage in 1986. But after 18 years of their marriage Spader divorced her. It was ambiguous what caused the divorce. So far little is known about his wife, Victoria.

James Spander and Victoria Kheel had two children named Sebastian Spider and Elijah Spider. James Spader disclosed that he had a son, Nathaniel Spider, with Leslie Stephenson, whom he dated after divorce.

Their kids are now fully grown. Yet, little is known about their kids at this time. James Spader is often seen with Nathaneal.

James Spader Net Worth And Salary Details

James Spader’s career turned out to be very rewarding. That’s right- this is James, who has been acting for over 30 years, is proof that he has really collected a huge wealth. He has performed in many movies and several television shows and has received a lot of money.

The total worth of James Spider is more than $ 10 million. His chief source of income comes from his career as a performer in many films. In addition, he also earns a lot from television shows. All times actors are paid $ 160,000 for each episode of the TV. The annual salary of James Spader is close to $ 700,000.

He has a large mansion in Marion that he purchased two years ago for a hefty dollar. 1.1 million. James also owned a mansion in Los Angeles, which he sold out for $ 4.4 million. In addition to that, he has also properties in, New York, Los Angeles, and London. Further, he has fleet of guzzlers, and he drove a Volkswagen bug years ago. He is currently driving a Porsche. Like this, he is swimming in cash.

James Spader Is Presently Dating Leslie Stefanson

James Spader has not been married since he divorced his wife in 2004. James himself has not given a clue yet, but it seems that the 57-year-old veteran actor is focusing more on his career.
Still, James is dating some women after his divorce. He has been dating Leslie Stephenson since 2002 and has a son with Leslie. They have been dating since that time.

Victoria Spader Relationship After Divorce

Victoria Spader has sustained a low profile since her divorce from her husband. The mother of two kids has kept her private life out of the public eye. Hence, very little is known about her therefore, we can’t find out who she is dating now.

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