Jarrod Schulz Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Jarrod is a star at a tv series called “Storage Wars” by A&E reality tv and he is a hunter as well. He is loved by fans from all around the world because of his friendly nature and his longtime fiancé and girlfriend Brandi Passante stars with him. Know all about Jarrod below.

Jarrod Schulz Net Worth And Salary Details

His annual salary is $700,000. Jarrod did not have a good career before he starred in Storage Wars because he had been in prison for 16 months in 1997 and he was arrested for having narcotics.

When he got out, he started working as a store manager and cleaned the store and there he met Brandi and both made him of what he is now.

They moved to their house which is in lake forest and they started their mortgage business which did not make much and it was a flop so they focused more on storage hunting and they made their second store by the name of Now and Then Second Hand Store in Orange County.

They participated in different auctions and got the best and lowest bid and stocked their store. When they were in Harbor city in California, they met with the producer of Storage Wars and the couple approached them and showed that they had been in this field and sometime later, the couple got the invitation to the show.

Even though they were paid the lowest in the show but that did not stop them and they bid wisely and got the attention of fans and increased their net worth over time.

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And now they have opened the second branch of their shop in Long Beach, California. Jarrod’s net worth is $2 million.

Apart from this show, Jarrod has opened a clothing brand with the name of Outlaw Apparel and he wears his brand’s clothes in the tv series. Jarrod is a star, a fiancé, a father, and a businessman as well.

Jarrod Schulz Marriage Details With Kids

Both met in 1999 and both were working for a carpet cleaning company in California. They have worked so hard for the show that they have made their show with the name of” Brandi and Jarrod: Married to a job” and it is shown on A&E tv.

The first episode showed that Jarrod has proposed to Brandi in front of their kids with the help of their dog and, in the 7th episode, she is seen shopping for the wedding. But they still have not married yet and they have two kids: Cameron, the first son who is a fan of Captain America and he wants to become a cartoon developer when he grows up, and their daughter, Peyton who loves roller coasters.

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