Jenny Rosenbaum Bio, Age, Career Marriage, Net Worth, Kids

Jenny Rosenbaum is a very famous TV star in Alaska, who has appeared in the discovery show Edge of Alaska. She has earned a lot of money, and although she can live anywhere she wants, she desired to live in the remote area of Alaska.

It is not easy for any woman to live in such an area, but because of her will, boldness, and smart moves, she has chosen to live this way. Living peacefully in a city was easy for her, and earlier, she used to live there before joining the crew. So let’s take a closer look at Jenny’s personal life and net worth.

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Jenny Rosenbaum’s Marriage To Paul Hanis

Jenny Rosenbaum got married to Paul Hanis, who was her first husband, on September 10th, 2011. He is a local artist whose work is visible on Facebook. Their marriage, though, didn’t last long, as Jenny wanted to follow her career in McCarthy, Alaska, and Paul couldn’t come with her.

Jenny Rosenbaum Marriage With Caleb

After her divorce with Paul, she got in a relationship with Caleb, with whom they are still together to this day.

Caleb is from North Pole, Alaska. They are living a happy life together, but they haven’t announced any plans on getting married any time soon, although their fans would love to see them getting married.

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Jenny and Caleb have a son named Jasper, who was born on July 8th and is now somewhere between 4 or 5 years old. Despite all the difficulties and hard life she has, due to the Alaskan Wilderness, she doesn’t find it hard to take care of Jasper.

Jenny Rosenbaum Career In Edge Of Alaska

As a bright student, Jenny always wanted to do something outstanding. After completing her registering, Jenny Rosenbaum joined the crew, the Edge of Alaska, which aired on the Discovery channel. The show is popular among Americans and the crew. Jenny joined the team of Neil, but later rumors of conflicts between these two were often heard.

Jenny Rosenbaum Net Worth And Salary Details

Jenny Rosenbaum’s net worth is around $300,000. Her work in discovery is the only job she receives that kind of money. She has a salary of $10,000 from every episode of the show.

Jenny Rosenbaum Bio: Age, Early Life

A piece of information about Jenny Rosenbaum is that before she escapes to the Arctic north, she made a stop at The University of Texas at Austin, as indicated by her particular data on her Facebook.

A post that was made by her previous roommate Erika Leos showed them joking around with everyone while they were living in the “house” for a year. Usually, rookies have to live in residence. Jennie was there for less than two years, in which everyone knew who she was due to her work.

Jenny Rosenbaum Career Development

Jenny always knew what she wanted from her life. McCarthy, where Jenny settled, is listed as Sin city. The city flourished after another popular Gold Rush show of Discovery entered the town. Being one of the locals this town has, she is trying her best to save the roots of that place.

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Aiming at making the place worthy of people, she is looking at how to use the land for a living. Her success is not only through her work but also what she is trying to do for a social cause, and that is why she is the face in the city and TV industry.

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