Jessica Schimmel Bio, Age, Career, Height, Weight, Married, Children, Net Worth

Jessica Schimmel, better known as the stand-up comedian, Joe Rogan’s wife, she is also a television producer. And in between she also manages time for her engagement with Volvo motor sports as a product specialist.

She has also modeled for EM Model Management, a Chinese modeling company but her more noticeable modeling work was with the Korean Modeling company, Wholesome. Jessica has also tried waitressing as a cock-tail waitress.

Jessica Schimmel Children And Husband Details

Jessica has three children. Her first child from her marriage with Keven Dino Conner was Kayja Rose born in 1996. Unfortunately, their relationship ended when the H-Town’s lead singer had another affair. However, in another even sadder incident, her ex-husband lost his life in a car accident in 2003.

Then in 2008, Jessica met stand-up comedian, Joe Rogan and the two started dating each other. This meeting with the comedian helped Jessica forget some of her previous traumatic events.
The couple had a daughter and after her birth, they got married in 2009. The wedding was a very personal and intimate occasion. After their marriage, Jessica and Joe had their second daughter. However, the names of her two younger daughters still have not been made public by Jessica.

Jessica Schimmel Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents, Siblings

The daughter of famous comedian, Robert Schimmel, Jessica was born on the 18th of July 1975. In fact, she, along with her father was featured in the Howard Stern Show.

Jessica grew up in a very loving atmosphere with her parents in Scottsdale, Arizona. But the situation changed dramatically. It happened when she was twenty one. Her father married her twenty-five year old friend and this changed things for Jessica, who felt it very awkward to call her friend, step-mother.

However, in spite of the uncomfortable situation at home, her father continued to help her with her career. In fact, Jessica got the assistants’ role in the famous comedy, The Simpsons, for fifteen episodes in total. This happened because of her father’s connection in the industry. She also got the opportunity to work as an assistant in the documentary titled, Hollywood and Divine – Beauty Secrets Revealed because of her father.

Jessica Schimmel Net Worth

Jessica Schimmel is the complete embodiment of the modern career woman. She started her career as a model, worked as a product specialist with Volvo motor sports and also managed the responsibility of producing television shows, besides taking care and raising her three daughters, who are still very young.

Her net worth is said to be $1 million. In addition to this, her renowned husband rakes in another massive $25 million to their marriage kitty as his net worth. The five-foot seven and half inch Joe Rogan, get his millions from his roles in acting, stand-up comic acts, podcasting and UFC commentating.

Joe is loved by his audience. They love him for his downloadable iTunes podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, where he educates his audience about many issues especially about using cannabis for fun and also about the medicinal benefits the plant offers.

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