John Stamos Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

John Stamos, the famous musician and actor was born to Loretta Phillips and William Bill on 19th August, 1963 in Cypress, California, U. S. A.

He has American nationality with Irish, Greek and English descent as his ancestors were from these different countries.

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John Stamos Bio: Age, Early Life, Full Name, Siblings

The complete name of John is John William Stamos and he was bought up in America itself.

He has two sisters named Janeen and Alaina with whom he spent his childhood days. He has been able to establish and prove his metal in the audience with his various projects in acting and music.

John Stamos Body Measurements

Attractive attributes of John John has the looks of a Greek God with blue eyes, dark hair and a smile which is enough to attract people towards him. John has a very masculine body structure and his face cut depicts a wolffish face, he although is fifty seven years old but his physical attributes have just hidden his age. He merely looks nothing more thirty five years old. John has fans who are ready to die for him because of his looks, he is highly irresistible. John has a highly strict routine so as to maintain his demeanor and quotient of attraction. Next we would be trying to know about his career and achievements which have made him reach to this spot.

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John Stamos Career Details

John was nominated for the best supporting actor in the drama series “General Hospital”, the name of the character was Blackie Parrish. This award was presented in the Daytime Emmy Award in the year 2000 and this nomination paved his way for many projects under his belt. The next role which he played was of Jesse Katspolison, the show named “Full House” under the ABC comedy banner. John has a hand on his musical skills too and he have learned music since he was four years of age. He knows to play drums and had performed in various parties, beach boys and amusement parks in his childhood. During his acting career as well he had many short runs into singing as well which helped him to keep the singer alive. His first production venture came in the form of drama named “Thieves and the sitcom Jake in progress” but before it could happen it was cancelled. His next role was in “ER” a medical drama, he was in the show till it ended in 2009. John made among the fifty Most Beautiful People in the world according to People magazine in 1990 and all credit goes to his looks.

John Stamos Dating History And Marriage Details

John with his killer looks has always been famous among women, there were many rumors around his relations. John’s relation with Rebecca Romijn was one such which was the hot topic of discussion, Rebecca was a model at Victoria secret and an actress. They both had a very long relation and they looked like a perfect couple with each other, they got engaged in 1997 and married on 19th September, 1998. They both lived together for very long before quitting in 2004 and finally getting the divorce granted on 1st March, 2005. John married model and actress Caitlin McHugh in February 2018 , he although has announced his engagement with Caitlin on 23rd October, 2017 and they even welcomed their first child a boy in April of 2018. They presently are together taking care of each other and going strong in their relation. They kept their relation a secret before marrying, he confessed of having a relation with Caitlin on his appearance on The View. He even had a grand party on her 31st birthday with co-stars of “Fuller house”, “Josh Peck” and “Grandfathered” at Disneyland in California. Earlier John had confessed of making a girl pregnant in this teenage and had to terminate the child because of his age. Support to Gay rights and rumors around his sexual preferences Many rumors surround John on his sexual preferences as he is a supporter of LGBT-Q rights and many time he has been seen supporting marriage equality for all. To add fuel to the fire he was seen kissing a man in the GLAAD awards. He played bisexuals role in movies like “The New Normal” in 2013,”Wedding Wars” and “Glee” in 2010 and 2011. His role as Shel in the movie “Wedding Wars” and Dr Carl in “Glee” were the most notable works of his career as a gay. This may be pure coincidence that whenever such movies are released the rumors of his preferences start to make news, although he has never accepted this but we are not sure about his orientation.

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John Stamos Net Worth

John has earned a net worth of almost $40 million and with his work and determination he is bound to increase it at a great pace. Humanitarian initiatives towards child security John has been the National spokesperson for the initiative called Project Cuddle, the project works to offer counseling to stop abandoning of child due to various crisis. Caitlin and John took a step further when they opened a jewelry line named “St Amos Jewelry” with all profits going to the child welfare foundation. They have done a great job and may they be able to go strong in their deeds as well.

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