Jose Antonio Baston Is Happily Married To Wife Eva Longoria. Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height And Weight

Jose Antonio Baston the husband of Eva Longoria, has been famous since the late 1980’s for being in the show business. He has worked very effectively to be a president of the hottest and most spoken of media streams Television of our time. Jose is known to be a generous husband, and some say they complement each other with his wife Eva who is into charity work as well.

Eva Longoria was married twice in the past, but this doesn’t seem to bother them at all. Eva’s husband seems to be very serious with her aging beautiful gorgeous actress. Their difference in net worth does not appear to rob them some sense of self-security any way whatsoever.

Jose Antonio Baston Marriage Details

Jose, who is also called Pepe, was initially married to Natalia Esperon. A former model but currently works as an actress in Mexico. She has set a good reputation for herself in the Mexican entertainment industry. Jose Antonio Baston and Natalia Esperon got married in the year2005. Few days after marriage, they had their first child named Natalia. In 2003, the couple had triplets, one girl and two boys.

Unfortunately, one of the boys died after a few days. This left them with only three children. For reasons not well known to the public, Natalia Esperon divorced her then husband, in 2005. He remained single after that till when he finally met Eva. The two started dating in 2013. They dated for 2 years then later Jose finally proposed at the 2015 International Film Festival. Eva’s surprise was undoubtedly evident on her Instagram post, that made the whole thing sweet and adorable. This couple now has been in marriage since 2016 and they don’t have any kids together.

Jose Antonio Baston Net Worth

Few people have spotted the fact that Jose Antonio’s net worth is lower than his wife. Although, Eve has denied and stated that her husband Jose’s net worth is higher than what the internet has made people to believe. That Jose’s net worth is of 12 million dollars while Eva has 35 million dollars.

Jose Antonio Baston Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

He was born in 1968 Mexico City, Mexico to parents who are not publicly known. Additionally, not much information is known about his childhood or education qualifications. Besides, being a business man by professionally that is well known as the president of one of the most famous media brands in Latin America.

Jose is also one of the Board members of the Executive Committee. Who’s net worth was 12 million dollars in 2017. Jose Antonio married in 1990 to Former Model Natalia Esperon, and they got three children together. They later divorced in 2005. Later in 2016, he married Eva at the Gala held in Dubai.

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