Juan Williams Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Born Juan Antonia Williams on 10 April 1954, Williams is an inspirational Panamanian-American journalist and political analyst. He has managed to grow his career extensively. Currently, he works at Fox News Channel. He is also a freelance writer for other newspapers, like The Wall Street Journal, The New York times, and The Washington Post. Besides, a couple of his articles are published in legendary magazines, for example the Atlantic Monthly.

For years, the journalist was part of The White House press corps, covering stories about the president.

Juan Williams Career Details

His knowledge of politics has helped him work for many media companies. His professional career started at the National Public Radio (NPR), which he joined in 2000 as the host the Talk of the Nation. He used to talk about trending topics in politics every afternoon. He was then made a senior national correspondent and worked with the radio until 2010. He then moved to Fox News channel.
William is also an author who has written educative pieces, such as Eyes on the Prize (America’s Civil Rights Years, 1954 to 1965 documentary)released in 1987, Thurgood Marshall (American Revolutionary in 2000), Thurgood’s biography, and Enough in 2006, etc.

Juan Williams Marriage Details

Williams married his long term better half, Susan Delise, in 1978, and together they have three kids. Susan Delise doesn’t have a wiki account, and not so much information about her is on the media because she loves to keep her life private. She is also not active on social media, which makes it hard for people to know her. However, Williams usually posts family photos from time to time on his Instagram page.

Juan Williams Children

Williams has three children: Raffi, Rae, and Antonia Williams. Antonio, the oldest, worked for Senator Strom Thurmond as an intern. In the mid-2000s, he used to write speeches for Norm Coleman. Rae is the second born and the only daughter, but she is a private person. Her husbandis calledPatrick Herald, and together they have two sons.

Raffi is also in the political industry like his father. After school, he got a job at the House Rules Committee. After that, he served as the director of communications for Dan Benishek, a Michigan Republican during his 2010 campaign. Currently, he is a press secretary of the country’s housing and development department under Ben Carson. Juan is a democrat, but both his sons are republicans.


Juan Williams is a respected journalist and political analyst whose career has helped him achieve many milestones, including being a White House correspondent. For years he worked at NPR and had a massive following of people who trusted his opinions of the country’s political status. When he moved to Fox News Channel, he quickly adjusted that he is one of the prominent panelists at Fox News Sunday.

He also does his personal projects, such as writing stories, and they have a great reception. For instance, his TV series which discussed the American civil rights movement won an Emmy award. He has also won many awards, which shows that his career is celebrated in the industry.

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