Julia Galef Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Julia Galef is a writer-speaker who works to develop human judgments. During his career, he has been associated with the Update Project – an organization that assists decision-makers around the world.

Also, she has also written a Portfolio / Penguin Books to improve human judgment. His diverse efforts don’t end there as he makes a two-week podcast; Reasonable Talking Podcast.

Julia Galef Bio: Age, Early Life, Education

Julia was born on July 4, 1983 into an economic family. It is not surprising, therefore, that he was a child who loved to read. The American author graduated from the International Baccalaureate program at Maryland High School and went on to beat 1600 in the SAT.

He continued his education at Ivy League University, Colombia and studied Mathematics. After graduating, he worked under a few social science professors, and he worked as a law clerk at Harvard Business School.

Julia Galef Career Details

After gaining knowledge and experience, he moved to New York and began working as a freelance writer for many books such as Slate, Scientific American, Metropolis, and Popular Science.

In addition to his outstanding work of Update Project, he is also the founder of The Center For Applied Rationality – a non-profit organization focused on self-help.

Julia Galef Net Worth

Julia earns a living by her various jobs. As a speaker, he earns $ 48,180 a year, and his author’s salary is estimated at $ 49,005 a year. He also runs a YouTube channel called Julia Galef which helps him earn $ 515 – $ 8.2K a year and adds to his value.

Julia Galef Dating History And Marriage Details

The personal life of an American platform writer is a topic of interest to many people. Although completely secretive about her life, Julia talks about her beauty, Luke Muehlhauser repeatedly on social media.

While in a strong relationship with the young man, the couple are still married. However, judging by her banter about her on social media, people think that Luke, who is taller than 5 feet 5 inches, is her potential husband.

On the 24th of June 2018, Julia baked the most beautiful cake for her boyfriend’s birthday and showed it on Twitter.

Speaking of his excellent work, he is a research analyst at the Open Philanthropy Project since June 2015 and former director of the Mission Intelligence Research Institute.

Julia Galef Family Details With Parents And Siblings

Julia comes from a family of four, including my younger brother, Jesse Galef. Like him, Jesse graduated with an Ivy League degree from Columbia University. She completed her Masters degree in Data Science at a prestigious institution in 2019.

The siblings are strong as they run a blog together entitled measureofdoubt.com focusing on topics such as understanding, science and philosophy.

Julia’s parents could not be proud of their two cousins, both of whom have now graduated from Columbia University. After all, siblings are gaining wisdom from their economic parents as both of them do not seem to be slowing down or retiring.

The author’s father, Barry Galef, was hosting his first art exhibition in 2017. Julia’s mother Ellen Post, on the other hand, contributes to the community through writing.

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