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No celebrity can escape the media and its rumors, so was the case with Kelly Evans, one of CNBC’s famous American journalists. She was also not been spared of any rumors. It’s strange how the media professionals get tangled in an eternal loop of rumors. Sometimes it all just feels like something the media enjoy. So goes the same for our hot and sexy CNBC journalist Kelly Evans. There have been no records or anything concrete that proves the star’s credibility on dating or any details about her husband. It all started when one of her fans wished her a good night’s sleep with her husband and children, but there have been no comments from Kelly Evans so far, which is meaningless.

Kelly Evans Dating History And Marriage Details

As we see from most of her images on social media websites, Kelly seems to be interested in her career rather than investing any time in a home, a husband, or a family yet. If we look at her social media accounts and the posts, they portray her professional life only. And when it comes to her personal life, one word “unknown”!

A couple of days ago, there was a rumor about Kelly getting secretly married, but there has been nothing concrete available. Kelly’s smart move as she is not interested in making her personal life an open book, and she is pretty clear about it, whether it is for her husband or boyfriend.

So, what conclusion do we reach? Kelly Evans, CNBC’s co-anchor and journalist, is not married and isn’t dating anyone.

There has been no evidence available on Kelly Evans’s personal life or husband. It tells us that the lady is very adamant and strict on keeping her personal affairs to herself and does not want it to be anyone else’s business. From where do we get the proof for this statement? It is quite clear from her Facebook profile that she has no photos that speak anything about her husband or boyfriend. All the photographs she posted on facebook are mostly related to her work. And what we can say from them is that it looks like she enjoys her work more than hanging out with her husband or boyfriend at this point. Indeed, her fans need to take a chill and wait to know anything more about her personal life, whether dating someone or living a happily married life.

Who Is Kelly Evans? Know Her Age And Parents

Known for her fantastic intelligence and smartness, Kelly Evans is undoubtedly the most important journalist of CNBC. Our beauty-with-brain didn’t fail to bag many credits as a student for her tremendous performances and sportsperson.

Kelly was born on July 1st, 1985, in Hartford, Connecticut, and was raised in Lexington. As our parents and teachers say, being studious always pays off, and it looks like the same happened with Kelly. She had won a lot of scholarship awards for being a brilliant student. Kudos to Ms. or Mrs. Kelly?

Why not take a look at her career? Was she similarly successful? Starting, she has written a lot of right columns as a journalist. With a fantastic toned athletic body, Kelly was a co-captain of the women’s lacrosse team.

Kelly Evans Career Details

Kelly’s professional career has been excellent throughout whatever workspace she has chosen to work for. She was part of the Wall Street Journal as soon as she graduated and covered the real estate and economics news.

Kelly has been a moderator for a couple of debates as well. The impressive part is when she was compared to the former host of CNBC, Erin Burnett, for her outstanding work and journalism passion.

Kelly Evans Social Media Presence

Yes, we can all agree that being a co-anchor of the Closing Bell show of CNBC and a national figure, it is essential for Kelly to have her presence on the Social Media channels too. However, she chose a different path and decided to stay away from the unnecessary nuisance created by many of them. Not many public figures would like to stay away from gaining quick publicity but hats off to the Diva as she did something wholly unimaginable and unpredictable!

On thoughts of her deactivating her Twitter and Instagram accounts, she says, it has saved her a lot of time. Kelly further adds that she has now started gathering information by reading newspapers instead of following them continuously through the Social Media channels, which run all day long. Her statements indeed indicate getting social media has saved her some precious time and hassle.

In one of her interviews, she also said, “I shut down social media because I needed to avoid online distractions and engage with the people, issues, and work directly.” Kelly seems to have grown tired of bizarre and senseless comments posted, which she calls cyber-bullying, and she needs a break. Her fans who have been missing her much need to show some patience and wait for the time when Kelly is ready to face the virtual world again.

Born in Hartford and raised in Lexington, Kelly Evans has been one of CNBC’s most influential journalists. Closing Bell’s co-anchor is a great professional who disagrees with revealing her personal life like any other celebrity. The Diva also chose to cut off her social media presence from Twitter and Instagram as she was surrounded by crude comments posted by some of her so-called fans.

Kelly Evans Net Worth

The lady seems to be quite serious about her work and undoubtedly, that is what makes her what she is today. With an approximate net worth of $2.5 million, Kelly’s salary also stays close to her heart, along with her other personal affairs. All we see is a smart, intelligent, and genuine Diva who only aims to focus on her career, like a boss!

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