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After the popular pop singer Eminem filed for divorce in 2000, his ex-wife Kimberly Anne Scott filed her suit five days later. OMG, what on earth was she up to! Kimberly was in quest of a whole $10 million as reparation for Eminem’s calculated infliction of emotional torment as well as punitive damages from him. The press reported that her suit stemmed from the lyrics of the song “Kim” done by Eminem! Kim reported that the lyrics portrayed her as a murderer. This was after Eminem’s onstage attacking blowup doll which was designed in resemblance of Kim. But how did they get to this?

Kimberly Anne Scott Marriage Details With Eminem

They first met in High School when Eminem was 15 while Kim was 13. Kim immediately left her twin sister Dawn and moved in with Eminem. They started courting in 1989. Their relationship was an on-and-off one. The chronicle seemed to have changed when Scott gave birth to their daughter, Hailie Jade, on December 25th, 1995. However, the love birds broke up again when Jade was only 1. Kim moved to a one-bedroom apartment with her baby Jade. In 1999 Kimberly Scott and Eminem rekindled their romance remarried, but just two years’ time, they divorced again. In spite of the long periods of crests and troughs, the two decided to give their relationship a second shot in the interest of their daughter and re-married in January 2006, though they knew it wouldn’t last. Kimberly accepted to undergo the rite even though she didn’t want to sign the marriage license. Just after one month, Eminem left!

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Kimberly Anne Scott Mathers Family Details And Kids

Kim together with Dawn her twin sibling, were born on January 9th, 1975 to Kathleen and Casimer Sluck. At the very early age of 13, the sisters ran away from their alcoholic step dad who was so disparaging especially towards Kim.

Kim has three biological kids: Parker Scott, Hailie Jade Mathers, and Whitney Scott. She also adopted Alaine Marie, her sister’s girl. Whitney was born to Kim and Eric Hartter, at the time when Kim and Eminem had split up. After Kim’s legal quandaries, Eminem was awarded the full custody of his daughter Hailie together with Alaine, his adopted niece. Alaine is Dawn’s daughter.

Kimberly Anne Scott Court Case With Eminem

Back in the 2000s, when Kim and her sister were present at one of Eminem’s concerts in Detroit. Eminem performed the song titled ‘Kim’ wherewith he assaulted a blow-up doll representing Kim. Being the subject of the rapper’s expressly violent song, she sued Eminem for damages seeking $10 million compensation. This was on August 21st, 2000, just five days after Eminem had filed for divorce. It was seen an apparent blackmail aimed at getting huge money from him.

Kimberly Anne Scott Cheated On Eminem

There was an incident back in 2000 that made Eminem get crazy. Kimberly kissed a friend on his cheek in the parking. It was not an orchestrated shrug! Because he felt cheated, Eminem attacked the man. He got arrested for assault. After the arrest, he committed not to play ‘Kim’ song which he had released in the rejoinder to her affair.

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