Lauren Zima Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Lauren Zima is popular for her coverage of the Bachelor of the Nation, however, she is a Hollywood host to watch out for. While she was also called A-game as senior producer of Entertainment Tonight. She is always shown as the number one host for all Bachelors, at her workplace.

Lauren Zima Bio: Age, Early Life

Lauren Zima is a Hollywood pro, born in 1981 in Chicago, and celebrates her birthday every year on 29th November.

Lauren Zima Education Details

She started her career in Journalism at Missouri University. During this period, she gets connected to the weekly-improve with the Comedy wars. After completing graduation, she went to Los Angeles and started studying improv at iO West, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and The Groundlings.

Lauren Zima Career Details

After getting the inspiration from the theatre she decide to take up the reality show, named Disaster Date and after MTV’s reality show, she stops participating in the shows and started hosting gradually.

And once she commented that she really loves working with the good-looking people in Disaster Date.

She achieve great success and her career touched the topmost height when she joined Entertainment Tonight in 2015 as a Senior producer and host. She made a decent income from her job, where she earns a salary of $53,750/annum.

Lauren Zima Dating History And Marriage Details

She falls in deep love with her Boyfriend, Charles Mckeague. Later on, they make their relationship more strong after getting married at the Loving Wedding Ceremony. But this relationship was no longer strong enough when Charles gave a formal divorce in January 2019.

Lauren also showed her reply, next day of the divorce, filled by her husband, She organized the Red Carpet debut with an introduction of her new boyfriend, Chris Harrison. Both of them look much close to each other in love, at the Chateau Marmont on 29th January 2019.

In the year 2018, Lauren reveal that both had started dating in Summer secretly. But after the process of finalizing the divorce, they reveal this secret to the public.

After the relationship news broke in media, Lauren came into the Limelight as it was beloved host’s first official girlfriend after the divorce.

If we talk about Chris Harrison, he also got married to Gwen Jones and had two children, Joshua and Talyor. Later, in 2012, Chris and Gwen had separated out.

Both of them, had a second chance to love and people are excited for what’s next? while Lauren’s nation fans speculate that Lauren and her boyfriend, height 5 feet 8 inches got engaged, in spite of supporting her.

However, apart from making Chris her fiance, She is enjoying her relationship with another Handsome guy.

Lauren Zima Ethnicity And Parents

Although, she is an Entertainment Tonight host and holds the American Nationality via her birth country, USA. But she boasts Greeks ethnicity from her father’s ancestry.

Her father passed away in March 2010, Son of Greek immigrants, he always had a wish to visit the place of ancestors belonged, but unfortunately, he died before completing his wish to visit the European country. Thereafter, Lauren’s tried to fulfill his wish by spreading the ashes in Greece.

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