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HGTV has shown the world some great shows. In most of their projects are featured relatable cast, with whom the audience can identify, since the biggest stars make the audience feel more detached. Because of this, the network has steadily risen in popularity over the past few years. One of the top shows on their list is Restored By The Fords.

If you are a fan of the show Restored By The Fords, then Leanne Ford is a name that you probably know. She is a very charismatic, funny, and charming woman, so basically, she is everything people could ask for in a host. In the following, there is going to be a lot more information about Leanne Ford and her biography, her age, and her married life.

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Leanne Ford Net Worth

We don’t know yet exactly how much is Leanne Ford’s current net worth since it is under review, but thinking that she has an on-screen career on reality television and she is also an interior designer, two high paying jobs, it must be worth a lot.

The casts of reality TV can usually earn up to $10,000 in each episode, meaning that their payments are high, so it is fair to assume that Leonne’s net worth is significant.

Leanne Ford Career Details

Firstly, Leanne is an interior designer who loves transforming rusty old barns that are usually historically rich into something beautiful and habitable. She always makes them unrecognizable.

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It’s hard to imagine an old building turning into something else, like an old historic school that was untouched for years, was turned into a home. But it is Leanne’s work daily. She first came into the limelight when someone tasked her with restoring a 1907 schoolhouse in Pittsburgh.

When Leanne Ford was soon to be a reality star, she had interviewed contractors and carpenters to help her with the projects, but they all refused, as they saw no monetary value in them. That is when she turned to her brother for help and thus began their journey.

When they started, Leanne and her brother did not have adequate funds to compensate their employees. They came up with a quirky way of payment: Beer and tequila. It was a strange method of payment, but no one complained. The people they found recognized the potential in what the siblings were trying to do. That was also something that brought harmony to the crew.
Leanne and Steve Ford’s big break came in 2016 when the HGTV network gave them their show, Restored by the Fords.

Leanne Ford Divorce With Brad Schaffer

Leanne Ford was married to Brad Schaffer on July 3rd, 2010, at an intimate closed ceremony in Granville, Ohio, where only their friends and family were in attendance. Later on, the couple got divorced.

They lived together in Sewickley before they eventually separated. We were not able to determine the cause of their divorce, as the couple led a relatively private life.

Leanne is now married to Erik. Although we don’t know much about the couple, we know that they have one child.

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Leanne Ford, who is now 39 years old, was born on June 29th, 1981, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The only information we know about her family is that she has a brother named Steve.
They both grew up in Pittsburg, and we saw their close bond when Steve stepped up to help his sister with her business. They both starred on their reality television show and became famous and successful.
Leanne is an interesting character, with an enormous will. Regardless of the hardships that came her way, she has always risen to the occasion and defied the odds.


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