Leilani Munter Is Married To Husband Craig Davidson. Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth

Leilani Munter is a very famous American car racer driver, television personality, and environmental activist. She has taken part in many famous and notable car racings. The racer started her career by making a debut in the television ARCA Racing Series. The gentle and sultry glamorous woman has also made some special appearances in some documentaries and has played a very active role in the fight against environmental degradation and pollution. She has often been seen in many pollution controlling and environmental activist organizations. Here we will let you know more about Leilani Munter’s Net worth and married life. You will also meet her husband Craig Davidson.

Is Leilani Munter Married To Husband?

Leilani Munter is living a married life. Themulti-talented racer is married to his longtime boyfriend Craig Davidson who is a professional engineer.

Both of them dated for quite some before eventually getting married. On 17th March 2009, the two finally become life partners amd exchanged vows in a private wedding ceremony. Thus, in March 2018 Leilani Munter and her husband Craig Davidson are going to celebrate their 9th anniversary.

This special wedding was held at the seaside in Cathedral Cove beach in New Zealand. In fact, her husband is the brother of Bob Weir who is one of the founding members of the Grateful Death.

Leilani Munter Career Details

Leilani Munter has had a very rich and impressive career in racing and other fields that she has ventured in. Munter started racing in 2001 in California with the Allison Legacy Series finishing seventh.

Further, in 2002, Munter went to Mooresville, North Carolina. There she joined NASCAR Racing. We saw her first race with NASCAR came in 2003, and she finished ninth.
However, she made her first speedway start at Texas Motor Speedway, and she became fourth and thus qualified for the next rounds.

Leilani has also participated and competed in other car races where she has gained fame. For instance, in the 2006 racing season in the ARCA series, she got 24th position.

Then, she also worked with Andy Hillenburg in his Track Racing School as an instructor and teacher. Her active participation in many racings helped her to qualify for the ARCA Racing Series in 2010 among two other women including the champion Dania Patrick.
Munter made her debut in television and has also appeared in the television series “Fast Forward”. She has also been featured on the front page of CNN.comwhich made her even more famous in public.

Munter also appeared in the film “The Cove” and also appeared in the documentary “Racing Extinctions”. Therefore, we can say that she is likely to be a common face on the screen.

Leilani Munter Net Worth

Leilani Munter has achieved quite considerable success in her career and has featured in many races and made a great net worth.

Leila is also an activist apart from racing and she has been at the forefront for fighting for environmental protection. Her role as an activist as well asan influential TV personality has been recognized globally.

Her net worth always remains unconfirmed but reliable and authentic sources have put her net worth to be approximately $5 million. However, the net worth is subject to be more than this and might be higher. The main source of Leilani’s income has been a racing career which she has carried for over 15 years.


Leilani Maaja Munter dawned her first day on the Earth on 18th February 1974 to a Hawaii mother and a German father. This female car racer and the famous TV personality was born and raised in Rochester, Minnesota.

Her age is 43 years and she celebrates her birthday on 18th February of every year.

Therefore, it is just a matter of days before she will be 45 in Feb 2020. We will like to wish her a happy birthday in advance.

Leilani specialized in ecology, behavior, and evolution by attending the University of California in San Diego. Leila developed a great interest in wild animals and the environment when she was in college and she was also volunteered at a Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre. She is recognized as a complete vegetarian and became officially veg in 2011.

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