Liz Cambage Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Liz Cambage is a professional Australian basketball player known for being a dominating force on the court due to her massive height.

Liz Cambage Bio: Age, Early Life, Family, Parents

Liz Cambage, full name Elizabeth Cambage was born on 18th August 1991 in London, to a Nigerian father and Australian mother.

She has been residing in Australia with her mother Julia Cambage since she was 3 months old, after her parents split.

Since Liz is private about her personal life, the details about her family are little to none.

Liz Cambage Basketball Career

As a kid being tall was something we all wanted and flaunted. Sadly this wasn’t the case for Liz, because of her massive height she was the subject to bully in school.

Liz began playing basketball at the age of 10, when her mother suggested she joins the school team in order to make friends.

Joining the team not only gave her a place of belonging but also a successful career path. Today she is regarding as one of the finest female basketball player.

Liz Cambage Injuries

As an athlete sustaining injuries are expected, but injuries do come with consequences. Liz had firsthand experience with this and in hind

Liz suffered a knee injury,-while she was still with Alex- during this period she realized who will be there in tough times and the ones that won’t, thus prompting her breakup.

She went on to suffer an Achilles injury in 2014, this was the injury that hit the hardest not only restricting her from playing but also putting a damper on her financial status.
The athlete claimed due to her injured Achilles there was a difficulty in paying off her mortgage. Immensely grateful to her family for helping her out she wishes that players would be taken care of more when such incidents arise.

Listening to her body and taking the time needed to heal, Liz fully recovered returning to the court more powe

Liz Cambage Dating History And Marriage Details

In her early 20’s she was in an on again off again relationship with Australian Football League player Alex Lee. Their relationship lasted three years before coming to a definite end.

Relationship wise Cambage is currently single.

Liz Cambage Career Details

Professionally playing since the age of 16, Liz got the opportunity to play for a handful of teams.

Within Australia’s WNBL competition, the athlete played for ALS, Bulleen Boomers, Dandenong Rangers, Melbourne Boomers and Southside Flyers. Liz took on the chance to also play in China, representing three teams: Zhejiang Far East, Beijing and Shanghai Dahua.

The Australian player showcases remarkable performances in all matches she plays.

Liz Cambage Social Spat

Former NBA player Andrew Bogut and Liz Cambage haven’t exactly been the greatest of pals. Apparently this is no secret because there is ample evidence available on their social media platforms.

It all began when Liz attended a Black Lives Matter rally and Bogut tweeted,

Protesting against police brutality in Melbourne is like protesting for less jumbo jets to be on highways

A week later Andrew apologized for his prior tweet, stating that he “did some research,” and was “shocked at the number of police shootings” in Melbourne.

Cambage called his initial claim “a load of BS”.

Since then the two have had back and forth banters on social media.

The second matter that ignited the banters between the two was, when Cambage claimed the Australia promotional photos for the Olympics were ‘whitewashed.’

Her frustration was clear in her caption below the picture she posted on Instagram that read:
“If I’ve said it once
I’ve said it a million times

Andrew had his say in this matter and disagreed with Liz’s claim, calling it “a slippery slope”. He went on to further say, “ Some of our most prominent people of color, that play for Australia, Patty Mills and Ben Simmons, they’re playing in the best league in the world right now, they can’t even come to that photo shoot”.

As expected Liz didn’t let that go unanswered, leading to a couple of back and fourths.

Cambage had once stated that she no longer has any respect for Andrew Bogut, who she once held in high regard.

At the moment there is uncertainty of reconciliation between the two. We hope in the future they can bury hatchet and carry on with their respective lives.

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