Lizzy Wurst Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Lizzy Wurst is a sensational personality on social media. She gained fame on Vine before it was discontinued. Fortunately, she moved her supporters from Vine to other social media platforms, including YouTube and Instagram. Besides, she is in a relationship with Lance Stewart, an established YouTuber, which has also helped her garner followers.

Lizzy Wurst Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents, Siblings

Elizabeth “Lizzy” Wurst was in the US on 22 July 1998. At a young age, she discovered social media and decided to try it. She used to post creative videos, some featuring her brother on Vine. Her funny clips put her on the right side of the algorithm, which pushed her videos significantly.

In 2014, nearly all her posts went viral, and as a result she was among people who got the most interactions on Twitter and Vine.

Lizzy started her YouTube channel under the name Lizzy Wurst, in 2016 and it has since grown with 700K subscribers and counting. She posts lifestyle videos and also pranks that she does on her boyfriend, Lance. She has also does a lot of YouTube collaborations with other famous YouTubers like Sabrina.

Lizzy Wurst Net Worth

With so many subscribers and views, Lizzy is paid handsomely with YouTube, allowing her to grow her net worth. She gets about 120,000 views every day. This can be estimated to $200 a day or $ 75,000 annually. The earnings depend on various factors, and so she can earn more or less these estimations.

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Besides being paid by YouTube, she also partners with businesses to advertise their products. Therefore, whenever she mentions a product or service in her videos, she gets paid. Her net worth is approximately $200,000.

Lizzy doesn’t have a Wiki account, but you can get adequate informationabout her from her social media accounts.

Lizzy Wurst Dating History And Marriage Details

Being a public figure, Lizzy has been open about her dating life. If you follow her closely, the chances are you have met her boyfriend, Lance. Lance Stewart is 20 years, and he is a celebrity in the YouTube space.

Lizzy and Lance met in high school, but they lost contact. Later, Lizzy saw him on Instagram. She followed, unfollowed, and re-followed him again, which caught the attention of Lance. Lizzy then sent him a direct message, which led to them meeting, and they eventually started dating.

They have done many YouTube videos together, including challenges, such as the Boyfriend/Girlfriend tag. They have met each other’s families, which shows that they would want to be serious with each other.

Fun Facts About Lizzy Wurst

Here are a few interesting details that can help you know Lizzy.

  • She has traveled to only three places so far, which are Disney, Hawaii, and Dubai. She loves staying at home recording videos.
  • If she were to change her name, Sabrina would be her first choice.
  • Given a chance to become a superhero, she would choose superwoman.

Lizzy Wurst Contact Details And Social Media Presence

If you want to get in touch with Lizzy, you can check her YouTube channel, which is under the name Lizzy Wurst, and leave a comment. Also, you can send her a direct message on Instagram @lizzywurst. She is also popular on the platform with 758K followers, so you can’t miss finding her page.

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Her official Facebook page is @ItsLizzyWurst, in which she has 106K likes. You can write on her timeline if you want to pass a message. It is wise to like her page to increase the chances of her finding your message.

On Twitter, Lizzy has a handle, @Lizzywurst, with 47.8K followers. She has opened a Google+ account, and has already attracted 57 followers.

You can also send her an email at

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