Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Cast Bio, Net Worth And Salary Per Episode

The love and hip hop franchise has been around for a long time, with spin-offs now being set up in most of the country’s major cities. It started in New York, then in Atlanta, and finally in the Hollywood Edition. Other cities proposed for the show include Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, and Houston. We will discuss the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood cast, highlighting the salaries of each episode and their assets and net worth.

Ray J Bio, Net Worth And Salary

The full name of Ray J is William Ray Norwood Jr. He is the younger brother of the famous singer Brandi and cousin of Snoop Dogg, Ray J has indubitably made headlines for right and wrong reasons both. He is a songwriter, singer, actor, television personality, and more.

Focusing solely on his acting career, he has done some shows for The Affection of Ray Jay, Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business, and Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. Acting as one of the main characters in the show, he earned $25,500 per episode on the VH1 network. Currently, Ray J.’s total worth is $6 million.

Moniece Slaughter Bio, Net Worth And Salary

The show is famous due to its dramatic twists and turns. The producers did not anticipate the shade main cast member Moniece Slaughter threw at VH1 and this beef had something to do with the low salary from each episode she did for the show.

Some posts are currently being uploaded to her Instagram account at the time when she was threatened to leave after three seasons. Although it’s unknown, it looks like the network decided to do something about it as she stayed until the 5th season.

In addition to being a TV personality, she is a performer, songwriter, and model too. Moniece Slaughter’s net worth is $1.7 million, she earned it from all her hustles.

Teairra Mari Bio, Net Worth And Salary

Teairra Mari is a dancer, singer, songwriter, and actress well knowing for spicing up the show. She has a very sweet and melodious voice but her nature is full of aggression and anger. However, the show mostly feeds off the drama, it is known that she sometimes gets physical in her conflicts while protecting her husband.

Apart from drama, she has an exemplary career. She owns a net worth of $1 million. Teairra Marie’s salary may be unknown in each episode of the show, however, she has earned millions from her songs and signing at Deaf Jam. Cooperating with a well-known artist like Jay Z, you definitely bet her songs have risen up the Billboard charts.

Nikki Mudarris Bio, Net Worth And Salary

The ladies on the show aren’t only models and divas rather many of them are entrepreneurs and famous for that matter. Let’s discuss Miss Nikki Baby, also recognized as Nikki Mudarris, who is a reality TV star, a model, and an entrepreneur.

Although she might be good-looking on the outside, she is very well familiar with money and how to keep them coming. Nikki runs her father’s numerous casinos and family businesses. This is her father’s good luck. There are no records of her salary per episode. Nikki Mudarris makes an annual salary of $320 thousand and her net worth is $800 thousand.

Lil’ Fizz Bio, Net Worth And Salary

Each rapper has a cool alias. Usually something so charming that people know them by their alias rather than their real names. Well, we want to tell you that Lil’ fizz, also recognized as Dreux Pierre Frederic, is an actor as well as a record producer. His progress was as a member of the early RnB group B2K.

Nowadays, the rapper tries his best to stay involved in the industry using his acting career. The total worth of Lil’ Fizz is around $2 million, whereas his actual annual salary is unknown. The same can be said about his pay for each episode of Love and Hip Hop.

Princess Love Bio, Net Worth And Salary

Princess Pilipina Love Norwood is an African-American Filipino actress, model, and fashion designer. She shares the name “Norwood” with Ray Jay being his wife. The couple got married in January 2015 after dating for one year.

With her husband’s business, this Couple manages fashion lines and clothing designs too. She performed on the show as one of the leading characters and shortly became interested in Ray’s love. Financially, she could speak for herself. The total value of Princess Love is almost $2 million. Contrasting her husband, her salary for each episode is private and secret.

Hazel-E Bio, Net Worth And Salary

Hazel-E was born on April 25, 1980, in Cincinnati, Ohio, as Erica Adams, when she grew she became a great rapper. However, this was not always the case. The rapper dreamed of becoming an actress, she even studied for it. Instead, a life led her to a publicity career. From celebrities to brands as well as promotions, she did it all.

She joined the cast of Love and Hip Hop very soon and earned as much as she earns. She was in love with her fellow rapper Youngberg. There is no clear knowledge about her salary per episode.

However, her net worth is estimated to be on another hand, the total value of Hazel E is $1 million.

Masika Kalysha Bio, Net Worth And Salary

Masika Kalysha was born in Chicago as Masika Tucker, she knew she was great at a very young age. However, her parents decided against her while protecting their daughter. When she was 16 years old, she became a model and climbed the ladder to become a video vixen.

Connected with prominent rappers like Lil Wayne, she decided to change her name and then started her career as a rapper. Masika Kalysha became even more prominent when her acting career kicked in. She earned a net worth of $200 thousand from her acting and business. Just like most of the celebrities, Masika Kalysha’s salary per episode remained secret.

Nia Riley Bio, Net Worth And Salary

At the start, Nia Riley was known for being the daughter of Teddy Riley, a celebrity and Grammy Award-winner. Shortly she became famous when she stared in love and hip-hop. She is a well-known reality TV star and model. She is the mother of a cute baby girl, Cameron. There has always been a debate over her paternity whether she is Soulja boy’s baby or not.

She has been in an on-and-off relationship with Soulja Boy since 2014. When she gets separated from Soulja she has been seen cuddled up with Lil’ Fizz. It seems that after the shooting of the film, the model gets a huge salary at home. So far Nia Riley has grossed nearly $ 3 million.

Lyrica Anderson Bio, Net Worth And Salary

Lyrica and Adia were twin sisters but Adia passed away when she was younger because of lung cancer. When Lyrica has grown up and found her roots, she dedicated his entire album to her deceased twin sister and titled it, Adia. Lyrica Anderson is an endowed songwriter and singer with EP’s is associated with Demi Lovato, Missy Elliott, and many other artists.

Her two albums King Me and King Me 2, sales went crazy. As a result, she joined the show as a supporting cast member and was shortly promoted to the main member. She is receiving a reasonable salary per episode and her total worth is $800 thousand.

A1 Bentley Bio, Net Worth And Salary

A1 Bentley is also known as Floyd Bentley, the man who captured the heart of Lyrica Anderson. They often met during their career and later they got married. Nowadays, they are very much happy in their married life.

When we talk about his legacy and life’s work, the rapper has no any kid. So far the Love Hip Hop Hollywood A1 has earned $2.3 million from his music and business deals. The rapper is currently the boss of employees at his record company, Wright Now Sounds. He is always in search of the singing of new artists, the CEO decided to go into reality TV along with his wife.

Kimberly Michelle Pate Bio, Net Worth And Salary

Soul and RnB singer Kimberly Michelle Pate are the only singers who are the newest addition to the show during the fifth generation. The endowed singer stepped forward with her hit single Fakin’ It in 2009.

She appeared on reality television for a short time however her acting was so natural. The actual net worth is not known. But according to sources she is known to be a millionaire. Some say she has a net worth of $800 thousand.

Bridget Kelly Bio, Net Worth And Salary

Bridget Kelly is a pop singer, who has gone through the cliché heartbreaks regarding cheating spouses even on the show. She was born on 8th April 1986. The 32-year-old’s fortunes are anonymous till now. She earned a total worth of $ 500 thousand. She signed with JJZ’s Rock Nation label, and along with her acting, Bridget Kelly’s annual salary should be quite high.

Solo Lucci Bio, Net Worth And Salary

After being inspired by well-known rappers like Swisha House and 2pac, Solo Lucci became a celebrity with his single, Rip Tupac. Making collaboration and producing worldwide hits are the reasons he was chosen for the show.

He fell in love with Fetty Wap’s ex-girlfriend Alexis Sky, who also appears in the show. Furthermore, his old flame and baby mama also appear as frequent cast members to oppose the couple. Very interesting storyline. Solo Lucci is currently worth $2 million as part of his reward for performing well. The salary of Solo Lucci is next to mythical.

Marcus Black Bio, Net Worth And Salary

Marcus Black is a songwriter, born on September 2, 1986. He has appeared as a guest frequently before being fully reinstated as a cast member. In terms of music, he is a genius. Wrote great hits for artists like Justin Bieber, also partnered with celebrities like DJ. Mustard. So, he deserved to be part of the team. The information about Marcus Black’s salary is vague, yet his net worth is calculated to be $560 thousand.

Brooke Valentine Bio, Net Worth And Salary

Brooke Valentine is a 33 years old American singer, born as Kanesha Nicole Brookes. Similar to the two peas in a pod, Brooke Valentine has been closely and strongly associated with Marcus. She is the girlfriend of Marcus and most probably she will become his future wife if both of them play their cards right.

Almost a decade later, she was added to the show despite her faded music career. In an interview, she said she focused on her son, London, who has cerebral palsy. Brooke Valentine’s son means the world to her. That is why she gives full attention and time to her son. Brooke Valentine’s total worth is $500 thousand.

Apryl Jones Bio, Net Worth And Salary

Apryl Jones is a medicine scholar in the house. She is the ideal definition of beauty with brains. She utilizes those brain muscles to earn a net worth of $8 million. Though her salary per episode is hidden, she makes $1.6 million each year next to her man, Omarion.

Omarion Grandberry Bio, Net Worth And Salary

Omarion Grandberry is prominent as being singer and rapper. His net worth is $12 million. In addition to rapping and singing, he has a successful acting career too. Always flying up on world tours, hitting the road, he has won numerous Grammy Awards for his charming voice and acting. Now, Omarion Grandberry has got married to her girlfriend, Apryl Jones. The couple raised two beautiful children, A’mei and Megan Grandberry.

A summary of the net worth of Love Hip Hop Hollywood’s Cast is as below:

Name Net worth

Ray J $6 million
Moniece Slaughter $1.7 million
Teairra Mari $1 million
Nikki Mudarris $800,000
Lil’ Fizz $2 million
Princess Love $2 million
Hazel E $1 million
Masika Kalysha $200,000
Nia Riley $3 million
Lyrica Anderson $800,000
A1 Bentley $2.3 million
K. Michelle $800,000
Bridget Kelly $500,000
Solo Lucci $2 million
Marcus Black $560,000
Brooke Valentine $500,000
Apryl Jones $1.6 million
Omarion Grandberry $12 million

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