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On the 10th of June 1987, Lyssa Chapman was born as Lyssa Rae Chapman. She is also known as Baby Lyssa. She is the daughter of Duane “Dog” Chapman her father and Lyssa Rae Britain, her mother. Lyssa Chapman is her father’s true daughter; she followed every footstep of her father and became the next generation of Bounty Hunter as well as a Bail bondswoman. Apart from being a Bail bondswoman, she is also one of the famous American businesswomen.

Baby Lyssa or Lyssa Chapman became extremely famous after she featured alongside her friends and family in A&E TV’s hit TV Show, whose name is “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” The series also featured her father with her stepmother, Beth Smith. Lyssa has had quite a successful profession, and this led to her achieve a handsome net worth. Most of her earning came from her participation in the television shows of her father as well as her stepmother.

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Lyssa Chapman Marriage Details, Husband And Kids

Lyssa Chapman on the momentous day of 20th February 2009 married the Brahman “Bo” Galanti, who was born on the 24th of July, 1973. The couple welcomes a baby girl, whose name is Madalynn Grace Galanti in the year 2010. Everything was going perfectly according to Lyssa Chapman. She used to think that marriages hold a better place in everyone’s life, the feeling of being together with a person who loves you completely and supports you forever.

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But Baby Lyssa’s life was surrounded by dark even after her marriage, Brahman Galanti, used to emotionally as well as physically abusing Lyssa all through their marriage. And this is why the marriage between the happy couple did not last long. Because of the torment in the duration of their married lives, Lyssa considered “Bo” to be monstrous.

Throughout her marriage, she even used to rush to the streets in the middle of the night. There was also an incident when used to break into the home of her father to stay safe. Later Lyssa gathered all bravery she possibly could and put an end to the torturous relationship forever. Lyssa is finally divorced, and she took the protection of both her kids, Madalynn Grace Galanti, and Abbie Mae Chapman.

By the looks of it, Lyssa Chapman had a terrible experience at an early stage of her life. Baby Lyssa underwent a very early age pregnancy, and this led her to give birth to Abbie Mae Chapman when she was about to have fun on her 15th birthday.
Lyssa Chapman is now dating a woman named Lieana Evensen. Lyssa after a torturous phase in her life decided to live her life happily the way she wants to. She is pleased with Lieana Evensen. The girlfriends are engaged with each other in the year 2018.

Lyssa Chapman Salary And Net Worth

Lyssa is much like her father as well as she even followed the footstep of her father, Duane Chapman. This ultimately led to a path where she would also become a bounty hunter. Much like her father, Lyssa was also seen in a few of the major reality shows which were included in her family.

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Lyssa has most of her net worth because of her vigorous part in the show “Dog the Bounty Hunter.” Lyssa was an essential part of the show for around 8 years. The show depicted tracking of bounty hunters who were eventually termed as fugitives. Eventually, Lyssa turned into a professional and collected every single experience she possibly could from Duane Chapman, her father. This feat made me achieve great luck in terms of Net Worth. By the looks of it, Lyssa Chapman has a Net Worth of approximately $500,000. There are no details about her cars that Lyssa Chapman owns and neither is there any detail about the house she owns.

At present, she is not doing any of the shows with her family members. She is intent on making it to the top on her own. The former Baby Lyssa is also trying her best to leave out the incorrect part of her life in the past and move on to a superior future.
Lyssa Chapman with an organization with Howard Books has also released a book that featured her life story “Walking on Eggshells: Discovering Strength and Courage amid Chaos.” The book featured her life story as well as the problems that she faced in life.

Currently, Lyssa owns an NGO and a small business. Lyssa’s NGO name is Proper Choice Inc. Other than these ventures she also owns, Home of the Better Body with Red Light Technology, Bed No Tan Lines LLP as well as Hawaii’s Premier Tanning Salon.

Lyssa Chapman Bio: Age, Ethnicity, Nationality

Lyssa Chapman was the ninth kid of Duane “Dog” Chapman. Later she moved to an Alaskan town called Anderson to live his life with her mother. Baby Lyssa had no get in touch with her father for the utmost six years. She has two daughters namely, Abbie Mae Chapman as well as Madalynn Grace Galanti. The whopping net worth makes her lead a serene life. She is also gladly engaged to Leiana Evensen. She is American.

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