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The journey of love is full of ups and downs. What is required is one’s determination to be able to handle and overcome each challenge. Finding the right partner to spend your life with is not easy, that is why people get married and end up getting divorced. Today we focus on Marjorie Bridges and her husband Steve Harvey, who experienced hardships until they found each other.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods Marriage Details And Divorce

Marjorie Bridges, who is now 55 years old, has an absorbing love life, as she has experienced two unsuccessful marriages. The first time she got married was with a Memphis drug dealer, Jimmy Townsend. He was 23 years older than her, but that did not matter, since age is just a number. The couple lived together until Jimmy was sentenced to life imprisonment by the police that found out he was selling drugs, and this is why Marjorie divorced him. She got remarried with Daniel Woods, who was her second husband.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods Marriage With Daniel Woods

Marjorie’s second husband was also associated with drugs. Their marriage did not last long, and the club they owned together, she sold it to Todd Day, a renowned NBA player, as the assets and the club were frozen because the police charged her husband for selling drugs. He went to jail and left her alone as if this was her fate with her relationships. She has three children from her past marriages and has worked hard to make sure they had at least the necessities of life. She has a great character and has been an inspiration for many women who have experienced similar difficulties in life.

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Marjorie Bridges-Woods Marriage Details With Current Husband Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey is a very famous person in the television industry. We remember him for a funny and embarrassing mistake he made in the modeling event of “Miss Universe” 2015. He is hosting three different shows, making him the busiest man on television. Marjorie Bridges and Steve Harvey are a lovely couple and have been admired by many. Additionally, when they ask Steve about the secret to his success, he always states that everything he has is thanks to Marjorie Harvey, the queen of his heart.
Steve Harvey, and Marjorie Harvey, believe it was love at first sight. He said that he saw her walk right into the Memphis comedy club, where he was doing comedy. At that moment, he wanted to show his feelings right at that moment. As he was standing on the stage, he announced to her that he didn’t know who she was, but he was going to marry her.

Although it was a sweet statement, Marjorie Bridges had no idea, at that time, that he said it for her. A few weeks later, when they started dating, she found out it was for her. She adds that in 1990 he had disappeared, and their love story has faced some challenges, but luckily it led them to each other’s pathways. Steve Harvey was not financially stable at that time and needed to focus on his career.

Fifteen years later, in 2005, the couple reconnected, while Steve’s second marriage had just ended with a divorce. Their relationship grew stronger since his disappearing in 1990. Two years later and seventeen years after his statement of marrying her, they finally got married.

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The paparazzi have spotted the couple numerous times, spending a lovely time together and being happy with each other. In one of the interviews, Steve has said that his marriage to Marjorie Harvey was like being reborn. He admitted of messing up many times in his life, but she made the difference, and when one is happy at home, they can do great things. There are no rumors of any divorce anytime soon as the couple is swiftly moving on with their life.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods Children

Marjorie and Steve have no children together of their own. However, both of them have children from their past marriages, and so they have seven children in total. Steve Harvey, from his previous marriage with Marcia Harvey, has three children, two of whom are twin girls who were born in 1982, and in 1997, their son, Broderick Jr, was born. He also has a son, Wynton, with Mary Lee, who was born in 1997.

All of Marjorie’s children are carrying the Harvey family name, which includes; Jason Harvey, Lori Harvey, and Morgan Harvey. The couple has four grandchildren, two of whom are from Jason’s marriage with Amanda, a child from Morgan’s marriage with Kareem, and another one from Karli and her husband. Marjorie and Harvey treat their children equally. The Harvey family seems to be expanding rapidly, and everyone wishes them happiness in their life.

Marjorie Bridges-Woods Net Worth

Marjorie Harvey is very famous in the fashion industry and is touring worldwide for various fashion shows. She also has an online business, which is thriving because she has a passion for fashion. Her net worth is equally incredible, and along with Steve Harvey, the couple has an estimated net worth of $100 million. Steve is one of the richest comedian actors, and this has probably added to their net worth. Nevertheless, their net worth seems to be increasing due to their hard work.

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Marjorie Harvey, whose full name is Marjorie Bridges, was born in the USA on October 10th in 1964. The last name Woods that she carries was from her previous marriage. She is African American and holds an American nationality, as she was born and raised there. She is famous as the wife of Steve Harvey, although she is a fashion expert and is the creator of the blog The Lady Loves Couture.

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