Mark Tewksbury Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Many countries have legalized same-sex marriage but the phrase known as “coming out of the closet” was said by the one and only Mark Tewksbury and he is a Canadian swimmer and competed in the Olympics and won gold medals in backstroke swimming and here is everything you need to know about him.

Mark Tewksbury Is Married To Gay Partner Rob Mabee

Mark is very much open about his relationship but of course, like all LGBTQ+ people, coming out was not easy for Mark because, in those days, people were more homophobic and they did not like this term at all.

He first came out to his family and all cried but slowly they accepted him for who he was and, in 1998 at the Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, he came out.

Some years later, he met his old pal Rob Mabee at a party, and ever since then they have been inseparable. They both share their fitness goals and working routines. Rob is 6 years elder to Mark and Rob is also an art curator. Mark and Rob have been dating for quite a long now but they have not married yet.

Mark Tewksbury Net Worth

As of 2018, his net worth was $5 million and his net worth came from his swimming career. He also won silver and bronze medals in Summer Olympics.

He also made some net worth from doing endorsements and also for Barcelona games and became a member of the Board of directors of World Outgames. He is such a great guy that to inspire the young, he gave his gold medal to the Canadian Museum for human rights.

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Mark Tewksbury Career Details

He published two books:” Straight talk from a Gay jock and inside out”. He was bullied in schools for being different which made him switch schools and hiding himself from his home and the world, he was best at it but things changed when he entered the University of Calgary.

His first shot was in Seoul, South Korea in 1988 in Summer Olympics and he then got a silver medal and the next year the summer Olympics were held in Barcelona. He is known as the best backstroke swimmer and that is why Canada awarded him with the Swimming hall of fame and Canada’s Olympic and sports hall of fame.

He worked as an IOC representative and a vocal for the LGBTQ+ community and he also narrated a TV show named “How it’s Made” and he was a CBS sports swimming analyst and his department was concerned with sexual discrimination in the sports sector.


Mark and Rob have done a lot for the LGBTQ+ community and both are successful and happy in their lives.

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